Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Salute

Confirm not Genuine. Reproduction of Kellog's packaging cover. Obviously. The hand
with the spoon ain't there.


original scan. Copyright of Kellog's and the artist. I don't own this image.
Zzzzzz. His colors are not easy to get. Or maybe I'm just not keen enough.
Either way, I thought it had to be super neat and tidy. But I guess it
really doesn't have to be that neat.

Working with layer allows easy correction when needed. But I guess I didn't really do 
that much of it. I like the feeling of correcting the artwork there and then without the 
need to erase and undo and stuff. Makes me a lot more careful.

I guess.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Looking Good

Assuming it really is. Read about how this guy dealt with an artist block.
He just continued drawing and all, even when he can't finish up his current project.

I'm stoked with the previous one. So I'm a bit in low-gear.

But then, I thought of wanting to take my laptop into my room, and confine myself
there to generate a certain stream of conscious motivation.

But I got myself feeling lazy with the hassle of removing all the wires from what's
connecting my laptop. I mean, it would only take a few minutes. But a hassle's
still a hassle.

After driving my mom to and fro to the clinic (nope, I didn't hit anything, thanks goodness)
I kinda thought of a counteract to my previous argument about the hassles of wires.
I thought, "it's not like it's a desktop right? Your laptop is portable for a reason isn't it?"

So I just fucked hassle in the face and brought it into my room. Hopefully this will ignite
ambition to work more and not fall into another catastrophic rut. Yeah.

Ok, need sleep.Woke up at 5am today. =_=

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


original image copyright of Kellog's packaging design thingy. I don't own this.
I do however own this copied messy lineart P:
A salute for what? For that guy who made the original illustration.

Now this image is really copyrighted by Kellog's. I think. Anyhow, I hope
they's won't have to ask me to take this down. So whoever sees this, save it up
in your folder so that you can study it. Like me ;)
Kinda reminds you of Norman Rockwell eh? I didn't even realize
his art presence until a friend of mine in class mentioned it. Well, I'm
pretty shallow when it comes to artist names.

Heck, I even made a trip to TOA earlier to see TOYBOX 88 (IL88)
graduation exhibition opening ceremony and forgot a handful of
the lecturer's names of whom I met there. Good thing I remembered
after thinking hard for a while.

And yes, salute to TOYBOX 88. Your exhibition definitely beats my batch's
one 10-1. But meh, it's not like any of you are gonna be reading this P:

Either way, whoever the artist is for the above illustration, I salute him for actually
piquing my interest into wanting to be somewhat like him. I after all, have an
overload of ego that holds me back from wanting to copy anything less I deem myself 
a legit copycat artist.. So I've been keeping this piece for a long time. I myself am
wondering why I even decide to just do it just then.

Anyhow, this is just a mini update. I've got my dad nagging about my
amateurish repetitive lines in my study sketches again. If it isn't that, he'll complain
about the finishing or whatever he finds peculiar to the ordinary untrained eye. And
man, what's better than having a non-artistically trained person tell you that you suck?
Really brings reality bare right to your face! XD I'm kinda used to him doing it though. 
It's a good reminder to just how much I still suck right now and the amount of effort
I need to improve to get a job in the art field.

Yeah. Sick of being a third-rate. At least be second rate? Man, whatever. I've seen 
third-rates get jobs too. So why can't I? Speaking of which, how in the world 
did I manage to storm through cleaning my room and my table? Oh,
and I even found my Etiqa contract and folder filled with all my 
insurance details! @_@

Mm... Today is... Ok.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

About Taxes, Income and... Stuff.

And I shall open this post with the sight of URUTORAMAN. AMEN.

So, I've talked about a lot of rubbish regarding saving up your money and stuff 
sometime before... whenever that was. Today, I'm gonna talk about another form
of that sorta rubbish.

Familiar with income tax? Well, here's a link. Apologies to any non-Malaysians 
reading this. If you can't understand Malay, it's ok, just... uh. Translate with Google 
I guess. If you're using Chrome, it should prompt you whenever you encounter any 
form of alien language (to the computer). And be rest assured that the language used is
pretty basic without the need for grammar, so it's highly probable that you won't
encounter any funky l33tsp3@k.

And if you're not sure how you're taxed, well, to put it simply, just follow the chart, 
in accordance to your monthly salary, clean without SOCSO or EPF. If you're earning 
around RM2499, then good for you. No tax. If you're RM2501... err.. happy tax-payer's 
day next year I guess. Any higher amount, just refer to the chart haha.

So.. I was making a realistic breakdown of what I'd earn from now. Stuff like that. 
And uh.. here ya go.


I'm 21 (22). I have another... 32 33 years of worklife.

I've got a 28k debt (+ interests wherever applicable) to pay off.

1350x12= 16200 first year job? 23
1500x12= 18000 second year job 24
2000x12= 24000 3rd year. 25
2200x12= 26400 4th year 26
2300x12= 27600 5th 27
2500x12= 30000 6th 28
2500x12= 30000 7th 29
3000x12= 36000 8th 30
3000x12= 36000 9th 31
3000x12= 36000 10th 32
3400x12= 40800 11th 33
3400x12= 40800 12th 34
3600x12= 43200 13th 35
3600x12= 43200 14th 36
3700x12= 44400 15th 37
3700x12= 44400 16th 38
3800x12= 45600 17th 39
3800x12= 45600 18th 40
4200x12= 50400 19th 41
4200x12= 50400 20th 42
4300x12= 51600 21st 43
4400x12= 52800 22nd 44
4500x12= 54000 23rd 45
4600x12= 55200 24th 46
4700x12= 56400 25th 47
4800x12= 57600 26th 48
4900x12= 58800 27th 49
5000x12= 60000 28th 50

total RM1,175,400
*not inclusive of expenses

loan. -30k-ish.

Well, looks like being a millionaire ain't that difficult at all, for as long as 
  1. you slog 28 years of your life, ride through the proper ranks to promotion, 
  2. you do not have kids/be a slave to thrifts for as long as your marriage holds.
  3. (most risk free way) you never spend a dime. 
  4. er. whatever other reasons you can come up with.
You must already be wandering what kinda sick dope would live that kinda life right?
But then again, hermits are around for a reason. So.. you'll never know I guess.

Oh, and I said 33* years earlier but there's only 28 years here. So... lets just take 
whatever 5 years I have there as an extra for myself and my family*, if I ever get one.

I'm not too sure if this is called financial literacy, but if there's any way to lay out 
your financial life simple and frankly, I think this would be one of the many ways.
And that's just my pay alone, without expenses, without the deduction of EPF or 
taxes, on a normal menial job. No dreams, no wants, just basic remuneration of 
what I might have in the future.

I'm actually pretty damned tired of just staying at home. It feels as though right now
any job would suffice, even if it doesn't match my current skillset. I don't even care
if it's a cashier job or a janitor at school. If I'm getting paid doing it, I really don't
mind anymore. For as long as none of my family members are around wherever it
is I'm gonna be working in, and none of them were involved in pulling some strings
to get me into wherever it is.

But blindly job-seeking like that ain't too beneficial for my career build-up now eh?

What a normal, if-ambitious-at-all fresh grad would do would be to work in a 
specific area of interest. Me, being the fresh-grad I am with random spikes of
ok and not-ok portofolios is currently pulling my confidence meter down. My
track records which shows that I'm deeply affectionate with C's isn't especially 
helping much neither. Sure sucks to think about the current mindset I have now.
Not really sure if I should continue with what I'm doing at the moment; making
more portfolio, since... well, it isn't really going on that productive.

Which was why I stroke a certain deal with the devil my gf so that she holds 
a certain amount of money I have, and each week if something good comes
up, then she'll reimburse me the money part by part. If not, then to suck it up
for some good ol

It's still currently work in progress, so... it's too early to tell for now.

Just for the record, I'm looking to be a concept artist I guess. I might be presuaded
to venture into graphic design, considering how abundant the demand is with that job.
Same goes to 3d character designer and modeller. I recall storyboarding being something
I immensely hated during my final semester. But if I really have to do it, well... why not.
Advertising seems interesting. But looking at what certain skillsets they requires sometimes
intimidate the hell outta me. Maybe I should just not think too much, and go for as many
interviews I can/send in resumes. I heard that works time and time again.

But if worse come to worse, I might actually save up enough money for me to go back
into college and choose a more hand-on in-field course. Like Hospitality. Or I could just
work my way up some franchised brand. Ugh....

Anyhow, I'm eyeing a few companies now. And i'm considering the distance
from home and transport issues and everything. I'm just asking myself if the
experience itself will be worthwhile enough to overturn all this petty issues.

It's pretty stupid to say that I'm a bit traumatized from my previous experience
with my brother's company. But I can't really let that weigh me down now can I?

Oh, and that salary chart before? I actually kinda made that up. But it was actually
based on a fictional time-lapse of reality whereby I started working in Mart A and
eventually rising to the position of a Senior Manager or something liddat.

It's not that great. But it's still a job. And it's still pays. But I must quote someone who 
said, "may not be necessarily a pleasant job though" but then again, what kinda job's
supposed to be pleasant anyways? ._.

So anyways, I'm actually on the verge of freaking out. Hm. Why? Oh, some of you might
have already known that my gf is studying medicine right? Gratz to my gf. She'll be a
millionaires on paper within a period of 4 years. So that actually makes all those 8-10 
years of gruelling studies worth it doesn't it? (assuming all goes well *fingers crossed*)

Don't really get it do you? Well... lets just say her gross annual income upon graduation,
within a period of 2 years grace period after, would be around RM240k. 

RM960k? Seems close enough to 1 mil. And chances are her annual income might be
a lot higher since it's reported in the states (US) that normal doctors earn an average
of 170k USD annually. But then, who am I kidding right. This is Malaysia, not the US.
So... yeah. But RM20k is a safe enough bet I think.

Me, being the guy I am, have ego. And pride. I mean, what kinda guy would want his
annual income to be lower than his wife anyways? I donno. Me? So.. I donno, I'm gonna
have to find a way to keep up with her. In the very least, enough for me to not ever have
to rely on her income prowess to deal with any financial situations I'd encounter in the future.

Or our future? Hm.

...Or we can strike another deal or some sorta agreement next time. It's gonna be tricky.
Would probably be a sensitive issue. Wait... what if I make it not a sensitive issue? I mean,
I'm already addressing this concern publicly right? Hmmmm...

So. Anyways. That's that. I donno how your career/financial curve is gonna be. If you so
happen to be reading this by chance, and have not a single clue about it yet, well, you
might as well draft a simple one. Just to know where you're heading. You'd never know
when it might actually come in handy. 

Financial decisions, after all, could doom, stabilize or lift you.

And about land tax... I don't know much about it. All I know is that my dad told me that
it's a fixed rate set by the government according to how big your land is. I haven't found
anything online about it yet. So. Sorry if this bit of info you're looking for isn't here. But I
do know that my land is only charged RM60 per annum.

Yeah. It pains me to think what RM60 could do sometimes. But when there's around
28 million people living in this country, maybe that handful of an amount would tantamount
to something pretty big. Hm.

Thanks for bearing with me thus far. Until later.

Friday, August 10, 2012

That Blade

That blade that cuts through darkness, brandishing light upon the wayward journeys
of the future. We all yearn to wield that weapon without even realizing that the very
weapon is within us all along. 

Deviating from the painting, found some nifty stuff from my FB stalkings.
Who'd have known really? Well, it's a site that teaches you (us) proper
PSD management, so that all sorts of dumb hassles can be avoided 
completely when you're in charge of making that perfect presentation
for Mr. DoItWellAndYouWon'tGetFired.

And without further adue, the link's here.

Oh, and a line that just made my day.

How dare you assault our traditional beliefs! This tradition is based on the tale of the most holy and sacred god Fuhkeing-Rehtaerd who dropped a baby from orbit and discovered that the resulting pile of charred meat was incredibly lucky and healthy. So obviously we continue to perform this ritual today in the hopes that Fuhkeing-Rehtaerd will smile upon our infants as they scream through the air at terminal velocity and bestow upon their crushed bodies good luck and long life on impact.


Friday, August 03, 2012

Look Up

Well, excuse the momentary hiatus. I was painting another image the last time, and when I was just about to call it done, right before it saved, my Photoshop just crashed. *sigh*

I was telling myself not to give up and go and start over. But I guess my procrastination drive kinda kicked in and bounced me into a state of stupor.

Took me a while though to get back up. A tad bit too long too. But better late than never ...Right?

I'm gonna remember to throw this bad habit away.

Now things are finally starting to look up for me again. Maybe because I brought back in good'ol CS3. The colour sets in CS3,4,5 are so different man. And having used all of them, I still prefer CS3.

And the painting? It's a photo study with some alterations here and there. I think I kinda get how to colour now. As long as you follow the form, add colours appropriately according to hue and don't make it such a mess, I think it should turn out quite alright.

How to do it in manga art? Uh... that was the painting that crashed so sorry, I can't really show any progress on that. Will try again soon when I'm charged up again. Just learning to not push myself to hard with art now. I remember there was a time when art used to be a really fun and casual thing. College was just pure stress and torture somehow. So was the past few weeks.

I guess this wasn't so much of a stressful painting haha. It was kinda lax, though it doesn't look that much lax. Yeah... and Front Mission 4 is so awesome. Fuck man Shaz, why didn'tja tell me earlier? Pfft.

Oh fuck, gonna be 11 soon. I've been sleeping at 10pm for the past few days. I wanna wake up at 6am again. So... Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice~