Friday, August 17, 2012

Looking Good

Assuming it really is. Read about how this guy dealt with an artist block.
He just continued drawing and all, even when he can't finish up his current project.

I'm stoked with the previous one. So I'm a bit in low-gear.

But then, I thought of wanting to take my laptop into my room, and confine myself
there to generate a certain stream of conscious motivation.

But I got myself feeling lazy with the hassle of removing all the wires from what's
connecting my laptop. I mean, it would only take a few minutes. But a hassle's
still a hassle.

After driving my mom to and fro to the clinic (nope, I didn't hit anything, thanks goodness)
I kinda thought of a counteract to my previous argument about the hassles of wires.
I thought, "it's not like it's a desktop right? Your laptop is portable for a reason isn't it?"

So I just fucked hassle in the face and brought it into my room. Hopefully this will ignite
ambition to work more and not fall into another catastrophic rut. Yeah.

Ok, need sleep.Woke up at 5am today. =_=

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Jasmyn Lim said...

You know how to drive already?????? whoaaaa.... :)