Tuesday, August 14, 2012


original image copyright of Kellog's packaging design thingy. I don't own this.
I do however own this copied messy lineart P:
A salute for what? For that guy who made the original illustration.

Now this image is really copyrighted by Kellog's. I think. Anyhow, I hope
they's won't have to ask me to take this down. So whoever sees this, save it up
in your folder so that you can study it. Like me ;)
Kinda reminds you of Norman Rockwell eh? I didn't even realize
his art presence until a friend of mine in class mentioned it. Well, I'm
pretty shallow when it comes to artist names.

Heck, I even made a trip to TOA earlier to see TOYBOX 88 (IL88)
graduation exhibition opening ceremony and forgot a handful of
the lecturer's names of whom I met there. Good thing I remembered
after thinking hard for a while.

And yes, salute to TOYBOX 88. Your exhibition definitely beats my batch's
one 10-1. But meh, it's not like any of you are gonna be reading this P:

Either way, whoever the artist is for the above illustration, I salute him for actually
piquing my interest into wanting to be somewhat like him. I after all, have an
overload of ego that holds me back from wanting to copy anything less I deem myself 
a legit copycat artist.. So I've been keeping this piece for a long time. I myself am
wondering why I even decide to just do it just then.

Anyhow, this is just a mini update. I've got my dad nagging about my
amateurish repetitive lines in my study sketches again. If it isn't that, he'll complain
about the finishing or whatever he finds peculiar to the ordinary untrained eye. And
man, what's better than having a non-artistically trained person tell you that you suck?
Really brings reality bare right to your face! XD I'm kinda used to him doing it though. 
It's a good reminder to just how much I still suck right now and the amount of effort
I need to improve to get a job in the art field.

Yeah. Sick of being a third-rate. At least be second rate? Man, whatever. I've seen 
third-rates get jobs too. So why can't I? Speaking of which, how in the world 
did I manage to storm through cleaning my room and my table? Oh,
and I even found my Etiqa contract and folder filled with all my 
insurance details! @_@

Mm... Today is... Ok.

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