Friday, August 10, 2012

That Blade

That blade that cuts through darkness, brandishing light upon the wayward journeys
of the future. We all yearn to wield that weapon without even realizing that the very
weapon is within us all along. 

Deviating from the painting, found some nifty stuff from my FB stalkings.
Who'd have known really? Well, it's a site that teaches you (us) proper
PSD management, so that all sorts of dumb hassles can be avoided 
completely when you're in charge of making that perfect presentation
for Mr. DoItWellAndYouWon'tGetFired.

And without further adue, the link's here.

Oh, and a line that just made my day.

How dare you assault our traditional beliefs! This tradition is based on the tale of the most holy and sacred god Fuhkeing-Rehtaerd who dropped a baby from orbit and discovered that the resulting pile of charred meat was incredibly lucky and healthy. So obviously we continue to perform this ritual today in the hopes that Fuhkeing-Rehtaerd will smile upon our infants as they scream through the air at terminal velocity and bestow upon their crushed bodies good luck and long life on impact.


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