Monday, September 24, 2012

A Test Post

I'm not really sure if it works, but a friend of mine kinda asked if there was a way to set dates for specific posts so that they can all appear in a proper chronological form. I think the Schedule in Blogger allows you to do so. So just to prove the theory right, this post exists hehe.

Don't be weirded out if you see multiple posts of this with different dates and stuff lol.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something I Did For Someone

Which unfortunately has been rejected by the higher ups so. Blah.
You know what, sometimes when I continue to paint something and I get stoked, staring into space for a long time thinking of the right thing to do, or painting blind patches all over the canvas in efforts to make things look right when I'm actually not sure if I'm actually doing it, I ask myself why bother putting myself through this kinda crap? Y'know. Ok, you don't. So don't bother too much about it.

Maybe college was trying to teach me something I've been longing to know for a long time or not. Whether or not I really love art as a profession, or not. I've been naive for a very long time, and I've always been blindingly pushing through with blunt zeal. But I guess what should've been hammered into my head at that point of time, was that I really fucking hate doing art. Sure, I survived through art college. But does that get me anywhere? Sure, it comforts my ego that tells me I passed everything and in the very least finished that miserable education there.

Or, I'm just too much of a coward to begin something I'm more positive I'll fail in, than to just persevere and lunge through the minefield of crap overload. I'm afraid to fail. I don't want to fail. And I'm too damned proud to fail. You see, this is my fucking problem. It's my character that's been cultivated for the past 21 years of my sheltered life. I like being competitive, but once I pick up a stylus, or a pencil, I dwell in my comfort zone, not wanting any way out, just in this incubatory shell of protection that'd ward me off from all things deemed bad. And in the end, I almost always ended up falling short, not being good enough. And I cycle through the process of self-bash over and over again. But does it even solve the problem?

I don't want to blame anything. I don't want to come up with anymore excuses. Maybe this just has to end. I've gotta go out there and do something else.

Just one of the many thoughts running through my head at the moment. Whether or not this is the tragic reality or not for me, I'm afraid you're not about to find out today. Because now I'm just splurging, and not being decisive. And looking backwards into the whole post, it does seem pretty self-destructive.

I could really do some table flipping right about now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nao Nao...

Man, it'd be so cool to instantly pull this off the minute I feel some irritating pair of windows staring over my shoulders, peering into my haven.


Actually, those windows aren't the most annoying. It's the echoing vibration called noise pollution emanating from a direction I know so well, but can't see that well for many obvious reasons.

And noise is just noise. But when it's set in an irritating tone, and insults you in the face in the most demeaning of ways, from someone you're supposed to not hear that kinda discouragement from, EVER, it gets very fucking annoying.

I can never say this to that person, so I'm just gonna say it in my heart (and in this darned blog) to fuck off.

And thanks I guess.

Ah, a room where I could work alone with without any disturbance will be such a delight.

Oh, and don't worry, I ruined the picture on purpose, but I still kept everything good there.
I suppose. If this is even supposed to be good. Ciao.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Left and Right

OMG, so much difference.

Figuring out a finishing for simple non-referenced subjects.

Left took me more 7 hours. I finished right under 2 hours and it looked
better in many ways compared to Left.

Sometimes, when you know something isn't right, you've just gotta
let it go and start from scratch man. Lingering on a piece that just
doesn't work is a big waste of time and effort.

And my toe is swollen! It's been like that for years, and just recently
the pain is beginning to be overbearing and irritating. I remember a
part of the skin peeled of another time with a layer of pus so I'm starting
to wonder if I have an infection beneath my skin.

There's a possibility. And... I'm gonna see a doctor of course.
I mean, who'd wanna lose a toe?

Friday, September 07, 2012

To Kim Jung-Gi Wannabe's

Hi there. A lot of you may already know who Kim Jung Gi is if you've actually searched
his name and happened to stumble into this page by chance.

If you don't, well... I guess the video itself is self explanatory.

The topic about this guy has been ongoing within my Illustration Major peers
who's been creating a heated debate regarding whether his works are worth
studying or not, and also about the argument that sketches are made for studies, 

not for retailing purposes.

Well, this argument basically goes on because there are students who are die-hard

fans of his work, love applying Kim Jung Gi's idea of selling sketchbooks with lotsa
beautiful sketches in it, while neglecting a big part of what makes a sketchbook a
sketchbook, studies. So you can pretty much figure out how the students are with 
their work when it lacks anatomical skills and brimming with overconfidence.

And no, that doesn't really connect well with the majority of the lecturers, since

their job is to create quality students, and they can't when students aren't really
doing things they should be.

Of course, there are those that grasp it properly and is at the level where they can

understand and exude Kim Jung Gi's skills. From what I hear though, the numbers
of people who can do that is pretty much down to like catching Mewtwo with a basic
normal Pokeball and the people who're just blindly emulating him are akin to the number
of rice grains in a rice bag.

So.. don't worry. I'm not about to convert you from doing what you're doing now. Just 

sharing my thoughts about this.

After watching the video, I'm led to believe that he isn't an artist to be emulated yet 
by intermediate artists like us. Actually, even if you're pretty advanced (lets just say
you draw Pokemon for a living), doing what he does is still pretty damned hard. 

So...Tough luck with that.

But in my honest opinion, this is what I think; Mr.Kim basically does everything from
pure liquid imagination, and as you can see, he's one of those people with active 

photographic imagination, meaning to say that he can draw with his hand, literally 
as he sees fit. He can process and manifest visuals from his brain right to every
last intricate detail with his nimble fingers.

How does he do it? I have no idea. I have yet to get a hold of a recording of his life
memories, so if you happen to find one, upload on youtube and bravo, everyone's

gonna be rich artistically.

But jokes aside, I guess this is what I really wanna address.

In the video, have you noticed that his proportions are flawless in the same way 

as is his perspective? Not to mention that his figure gestures and expressions 
are spot on and his detailing is also accurate. His depth of field 
is undoubtedly there. 

And oh, did I mention that he did the whole drawing in fish-eye without 
any guideline? More like every figure he did was without guidelines. 

He can start with a head and draw a hand, then connect every piece of 
limb and part accurately without any mistake. This kinda judgment isn't 
easy to do without proper understanding and practice.

So... if you're aspiring to be like him someday, how do you expect yourself, to be like 

(emulate) him, and sell your sketchbook (if you could, cheers to you friend) when
1. You're not sure how the figure fully works yet.
2. You're not good with proportions yet.
3. Your depth of field and control with lines is not yet mastered.
4. You have not fully-grasped your gestures and expressions yet.
5. You're not sure how perspective works in different dimensions and angles.
6. You've not seen enough.

Basically speaking, if you can't conjure an image of a muscular man directly 

from your imagination in multiple angles and different perspectives without any
guidelines, chances are you're not ready to take on Kim Jung Gi's level of work yet.
So.. I can kinda understand what the lecturers in my college are going through, in a 

way that they want the students to tackle all these core issues one by one by going 
to the basic resources, and by basic, meaning probably the best resources on each topic.

Why approach an artist who does a portrayal of his understanding with art completely 

from raw imagination, when you can study masters who've already laid everything out 
for you to build up a good foundation in art with proper references you can effectively 
learn from, so that you can be the next Kim Jung Gi?

There's no harm in trying to be like Kim Jung Gi and trying to study his techniques, 

and by all means, please continue your efforts in doing so. But you also have to 
understand that there are many layers of complexities in what he does that you'd 
never understand until you fully grasp the foundations of art. 

You'll be a far better artist studying master works and aspiring to be like Kim Jung Gi 
in 2 years, than studying both his sketchbooks for 5 years.

But of course. If you're a genius. Well.. Congratulations!

It's important for students to not blindly idolize someone very awesomely wicked in art
(trust me, I was a student too and I've had my own share of... stuff) and prioritize a strong 

foundation in art. So if you've been doing his works for a while, and you don't feel like you're 
making any progress, just put down his works for a while and get a new fresh perspective 
in any other works.

Even better if you can do life studies and the like.

I mean, you can always get back to it anytime you want. Right?

So.. yes, work on your basics. After the foundation is solid enough, I'm sure one day, 

when you try harder and continue working hard towards your goal, you might surpass
Kim Jung Gi, or whoever else awesome art idols you have. Good luck.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Viral Stuff is Viral

Sorry, not about Gangnam Style.

But about a certain abuse case in Malaysia.
I guess to be specific it's this one.

To be informed about this, I guess you can check here, here and here.
Try searching under Calven Chik or Amanda Fong to find out more articles.

Hi. I know some of you guyz really hate this guy. But I guess I'm just
here today to not be one of those haters out there.

This guy, Calven Chik. You can have no sympathy for him. It's perfectly normal
considering what he's done. But at the very least, he deserves a bit of respect for
owning up to his mistakes; and is facing up to his charges and possibly taking in
the full blow of the consequences which are probably ruining him as we speak.

He had balls to beat his wife, Amanda Fong, which isn't right. But he also had
balls to say he did it, and is willing to face it like a man. Typical abusers don't
do that. They run away to save their asses by constantly denying the truth.

Look at him, is he running away from it? Doesn't seem like it.

He's just an ordinary guy who made a mistake. I don't say I agree with
physical abuse however it is. He'd have to face whatever it is he's got to.
But I give him credit, for trying to stay human and acting for whatever
good conscience he has left.

Because if I did something wrong, I'll apologize, and own up for my mistake.
He did something wrong, acknowledged it, apologized, and is owning up for his mistake.

For all I know, the penalty for his charges isn't the beginning of his nightmare.
It's the public vendetta against him. Jail'd be a place where ignorance'd be a
bliss for him. When he gets out, I really hope things cool off, and he can begin
his life anew again, like an ordinary person; which I doubt would happen.

Because once you have a criminal record, it just sticks. People'd start isolating
you, placing you with the crown of thorn as you walk in the streets in broad
daylight. Finding jobs become tough. Loans become scarce. Nobody just wants
anything to do with you.

And once you've whacked up a girl before, those whacks don't just disappear
and scars just don't magically vanish. People who share the victim's pains will
demand retribution, and some would even go to extreme lengths to be like
Calvin Chik himself, physically abusing others just to protect something.

He did this mistake. And if there's any moral at all to this story, it is to not
repeat this cycle of physical abuse. It's perfectly normal to feel like bashing
him up for what he did. But that's the thing. From his story, you're supposed
to learn not to just bash people up. Look what happened when he did.

What'd happen if you did that to him, or anyone for that matter? Then how
would you be any different from other physical abusers if you just went to
bash him up out of your sense of justice and retribution?

So hate him if you want. Put him behind bars if you have to. But after he's
faced his consequences, find it in your heart to forgive him. You would've
wished for the same thing if you yourself, commited a grave mistake to
someone else, physical abuse or not.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rotating Single Page in PDF

-If you wish to skip the crap, just look at the blue parts :)-

Hi. My gf dropped by yesterday and we had a good time
together. She got back home safe and all end's well.

Until I woke the next morning.

To my horror, her important document got left behind
I tried all means to reach her, but it was to no avail.
She was about to leave for Johor at around 2pm.

Then, I thought why not scan the whole document for
her? I mean, sure, my scanner takes about 10 sec to
scan an image, but it's not like there was a hundred
images needed to be scanned. And she has an iPad.

So... I did. And I got into this peculiar problem. I
exported everything into PDF, and one page, 
one miserable page was in the wrong page orientation.

It might seem like a small problem, but if you look at it
from a user's perspective, opening the same document all the
time only to find that one single page always needing some
tweaking before you can read it, and if you open it multiple
times, it's just results as more wastage of time when to repeat
the dumb tweaking process.

I was literally about to flip tables, until I kept my cool and
searched for a solution online... and I did. The answer is in 
this page.

But just in case you can't find it, well, I guess here's a little
guide from me.

The one in "view" just rotates all the pages like a fool. When I said I wanted to flip tables,
it was because I followed the wrong tutorial and things didn't turn out right. So...
be glad you don't have to experience what I did!  Just use the one on "document".

Remember to set the pages you want rotated only. If your pages are jumping and are not in continuous
order, then... just be patient and do it one by one. I'm pretty sure it's a lot faster than rescanning the image
and inserting the page, somehow. into your already binded pdf document. I thought of that too, but it's stupid.
Trust me. Oh, and to help you save more time, the shortcut is shfit + ctrl + r
I'll put any kinda guides I have in my blog under the label "guide" or "help"
in the future. So.. yeah.

And a bit of shameless advertising here lol.
If you feel a bit grateful for the guide, just click on any ad before leaving?
I'm a starving artist after all. Thanks~ :E

Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Post... Naught of Art.

Hi everyone's who reading this. Just... finished watching Ultraman Nexus!
It's so awesome once you're able to disregard all the budgeted props and
everything. I mean, if they could've afforded a higher budget, you'll never
know, things there might just look a whole lot better.

But the point is it isn't and you can't stand it right?

No worries. I'm not about to go on a roll in hopes of trying to rope you
into my Ultra-junky world. Just feeling like getting something off my chest
today. It's nothing big. Not related to anyone. Just me, as usual.

It's feels as though I've begun to forget the core reason and purpose as to
why I started this blog in the first place. These days, I'm in such a pursuit
of creating great art that I've begun to forget that this place, this space
is actually a sacred area of solace, for me to just let go and be myself.
To talk, whine, rant. Whatever.

I donno since when it happened, but it's been a while. A long while since
I've just made a post indifferent to art. Not related to art. I'm beginning
to wander if this privilege is worth sacrificing for the greatness I so pursue.

I guess it isn't a big deal. But I gotta admit it's bugging me a lot lately. I've
just been constantly forcing myself not to post if I am not able to produce
an image whatsoever to be put up here. At first, it didn't seem to matter to
me. But now that I think of it, and grasp the true reality of why I began
blogging, it really does seem off somewhat.

What's the point of holding myself back from putting my thoughts out there?
Maybe I'm being a bit too ambitious lately. I wanna create posts that have
artworks I create that are related to the posts I have here, that intends to 
either inspire or invoke a certain feeling or epiphany. In hopes that
everytime you read something I write, you feel changed, and that your
visit here, isn't just a wast of time.

I donno about you, but it sure feels like only someone from the pesidency
or senate would have ambitions like that. But.. I guess I could be wrong in
many ways.

And I also realized that good stuff will always be good stuff, illustrated
or not. So... why chain myself like this? Why create this unnecessary agony
for me? Was it for the thrill of the non-existant challenge?

Honestly, right now... I don't know. Maybe... I just don't care anymore?

So anyways, just saying that in the future, there're gonna be posts like this
again. I'll tag them under "artless" just in case. Since it's usually just a whole
bunch of words that come together and might or might not make sense to you.

Yeah.... Yeah. That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.