Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Post... Naught of Art.

Hi everyone's who reading this. Just... finished watching Ultraman Nexus!
It's so awesome once you're able to disregard all the budgeted props and
everything. I mean, if they could've afforded a higher budget, you'll never
know, things there might just look a whole lot better.

But the point is it isn't and you can't stand it right?

No worries. I'm not about to go on a roll in hopes of trying to rope you
into my Ultra-junky world. Just feeling like getting something off my chest
today. It's nothing big. Not related to anyone. Just me, as usual.

It's feels as though I've begun to forget the core reason and purpose as to
why I started this blog in the first place. These days, I'm in such a pursuit
of creating great art that I've begun to forget that this place, this space
is actually a sacred area of solace, for me to just let go and be myself.
To talk, whine, rant. Whatever.

I donno since when it happened, but it's been a while. A long while since
I've just made a post indifferent to art. Not related to art. I'm beginning
to wander if this privilege is worth sacrificing for the greatness I so pursue.

I guess it isn't a big deal. But I gotta admit it's bugging me a lot lately. I've
just been constantly forcing myself not to post if I am not able to produce
an image whatsoever to be put up here. At first, it didn't seem to matter to
me. But now that I think of it, and grasp the true reality of why I began
blogging, it really does seem off somewhat.

What's the point of holding myself back from putting my thoughts out there?
Maybe I'm being a bit too ambitious lately. I wanna create posts that have
artworks I create that are related to the posts I have here, that intends to 
either inspire or invoke a certain feeling or epiphany. In hopes that
everytime you read something I write, you feel changed, and that your
visit here, isn't just a wast of time.

I donno about you, but it sure feels like only someone from the pesidency
or senate would have ambitions like that. But.. I guess I could be wrong in
many ways.

And I also realized that good stuff will always be good stuff, illustrated
or not. So... why chain myself like this? Why create this unnecessary agony
for me? Was it for the thrill of the non-existant challenge?

Honestly, right now... I don't know. Maybe... I just don't care anymore?

So anyways, just saying that in the future, there're gonna be posts like this
again. I'll tag them under "artless" just in case. Since it's usually just a whole
bunch of words that come together and might or might not make sense to you.

Yeah.... Yeah. That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

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