Sunday, September 09, 2012

Left and Right

OMG, so much difference.

Figuring out a finishing for simple non-referenced subjects.

Left took me more 7 hours. I finished right under 2 hours and it looked
better in many ways compared to Left.

Sometimes, when you know something isn't right, you've just gotta
let it go and start from scratch man. Lingering on a piece that just
doesn't work is a big waste of time and effort.

And my toe is swollen! It's been like that for years, and just recently
the pain is beginning to be overbearing and irritating. I remember a
part of the skin peeled of another time with a layer of pus so I'm starting
to wonder if I have an infection beneath my skin.

There's a possibility. And... I'm gonna see a doctor of course.
I mean, who'd wanna lose a toe?

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