Friday, September 14, 2012

Nao Nao...

Man, it'd be so cool to instantly pull this off the minute I feel some irritating pair of windows staring over my shoulders, peering into my haven.


Actually, those windows aren't the most annoying. It's the echoing vibration called noise pollution emanating from a direction I know so well, but can't see that well for many obvious reasons.

And noise is just noise. But when it's set in an irritating tone, and insults you in the face in the most demeaning of ways, from someone you're supposed to not hear that kinda discouragement from, EVER, it gets very fucking annoying.

I can never say this to that person, so I'm just gonna say it in my heart (and in this darned blog) to fuck off.

And thanks I guess.

Ah, a room where I could work alone with without any disturbance will be such a delight.

Oh, and don't worry, I ruined the picture on purpose, but I still kept everything good there.
I suppose. If this is even supposed to be good. Ciao.

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