Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rotating Single Page in PDF

-If you wish to skip the crap, just look at the blue parts :)-

Hi. My gf dropped by yesterday and we had a good time
together. She got back home safe and all end's well.

Until I woke the next morning.

To my horror, her important document got left behind
I tried all means to reach her, but it was to no avail.
She was about to leave for Johor at around 2pm.

Then, I thought why not scan the whole document for
her? I mean, sure, my scanner takes about 10 sec to
scan an image, but it's not like there was a hundred
images needed to be scanned. And she has an iPad.

So... I did. And I got into this peculiar problem. I
exported everything into PDF, and one page, 
one miserable page was in the wrong page orientation.

It might seem like a small problem, but if you look at it
from a user's perspective, opening the same document all the
time only to find that one single page always needing some
tweaking before you can read it, and if you open it multiple
times, it's just results as more wastage of time when to repeat
the dumb tweaking process.

I was literally about to flip tables, until I kept my cool and
searched for a solution online... and I did. The answer is in 
this page.

But just in case you can't find it, well, I guess here's a little
guide from me.

The one in "view" just rotates all the pages like a fool. When I said I wanted to flip tables,
it was because I followed the wrong tutorial and things didn't turn out right. So...
be glad you don't have to experience what I did!  Just use the one on "document".

Remember to set the pages you want rotated only. If your pages are jumping and are not in continuous
order, then... just be patient and do it one by one. I'm pretty sure it's a lot faster than rescanning the image
and inserting the page, somehow. into your already binded pdf document. I thought of that too, but it's stupid.
Trust me. Oh, and to help you save more time, the shortcut is shfit + ctrl + r
I'll put any kinda guides I have in my blog under the label "guide" or "help"
in the future. So.. yeah.

And a bit of shameless advertising here lol.
If you feel a bit grateful for the guide, just click on any ad before leaving?
I'm a starving artist after all. Thanks~ :E

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