Thursday, September 06, 2012

Viral Stuff is Viral

Sorry, not about Gangnam Style.

But about a certain abuse case in Malaysia.
I guess to be specific it's this one.

To be informed about this, I guess you can check here, here and here.
Try searching under Calven Chik or Amanda Fong to find out more articles.

Hi. I know some of you guyz really hate this guy. But I guess I'm just
here today to not be one of those haters out there.

This guy, Calven Chik. You can have no sympathy for him. It's perfectly normal
considering what he's done. But at the very least, he deserves a bit of respect for
owning up to his mistakes; and is facing up to his charges and possibly taking in
the full blow of the consequences which are probably ruining him as we speak.

He had balls to beat his wife, Amanda Fong, which isn't right. But he also had
balls to say he did it, and is willing to face it like a man. Typical abusers don't
do that. They run away to save their asses by constantly denying the truth.

Look at him, is he running away from it? Doesn't seem like it.

He's just an ordinary guy who made a mistake. I don't say I agree with
physical abuse however it is. He'd have to face whatever it is he's got to.
But I give him credit, for trying to stay human and acting for whatever
good conscience he has left.

Because if I did something wrong, I'll apologize, and own up for my mistake.
He did something wrong, acknowledged it, apologized, and is owning up for his mistake.

For all I know, the penalty for his charges isn't the beginning of his nightmare.
It's the public vendetta against him. Jail'd be a place where ignorance'd be a
bliss for him. When he gets out, I really hope things cool off, and he can begin
his life anew again, like an ordinary person; which I doubt would happen.

Because once you have a criminal record, it just sticks. People'd start isolating
you, placing you with the crown of thorn as you walk in the streets in broad
daylight. Finding jobs become tough. Loans become scarce. Nobody just wants
anything to do with you.

And once you've whacked up a girl before, those whacks don't just disappear
and scars just don't magically vanish. People who share the victim's pains will
demand retribution, and some would even go to extreme lengths to be like
Calvin Chik himself, physically abusing others just to protect something.

He did this mistake. And if there's any moral at all to this story, it is to not
repeat this cycle of physical abuse. It's perfectly normal to feel like bashing
him up for what he did. But that's the thing. From his story, you're supposed
to learn not to just bash people up. Look what happened when he did.

What'd happen if you did that to him, or anyone for that matter? Then how
would you be any different from other physical abusers if you just went to
bash him up out of your sense of justice and retribution?

So hate him if you want. Put him behind bars if you have to. But after he's
faced his consequences, find it in your heart to forgive him. You would've
wished for the same thing if you yourself, commited a grave mistake to
someone else, physical abuse or not.

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