Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Namecard Design

Hmm.. I didn't post this up a while back. This is an updated layout from last year's.

Ah man, and I even made the biggest mistake ever here. I still can't figure out how ridiculously clumsy I was with the details. I had to go make reprints for 2 batches and boy, they sure weren't cheap. I should really proofread more carefully next time. Nobody's gonna pay for your mistakes man.

Be careful when you handle your client's info in their end products.

Also, if you're ever gonna handle so many images at once, remember to always embed them first if your computer can handle the stress. I remember taking around 2-3 hours just to manually embed all the images all over again.

Yeap. Designs in the end are all about procedures. You ignore the procedures, your design may be finalized, but trust me when I say everything will backfire. Don't waste your time and your client's time.

So do a good job, design and procedure-wise.

You don't wanna pay for your mistakes man. Just double check it.


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