Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Love Eternal

A jester I am, foolishness, my greatest trade, laughter, my sternest judge

Of royalty you are, a grandeur of ancestry, with visions and ambitions far beyond simple faith.

I am but a simple man, adorned with a humble cap of echoing jinggles, inspiration for the crowd's folly, a distraction for their utmost worries. 

But you are the people's voice, their dreams and hopes combined, a ray of sympathy and understanding to the patchworks of many.

To have held you, a dream fulfilled. 
To dream of you, a fantasy neverending. 
To long for you, an ecstacy overbearing.
But to have served you, is my greatest honour.

If the cycle of life could ever repeat itself, the path I take will always stay the same.

A love I'd take, even as
I walk into the gallows of death

- Musings of The Fool.


A gift too late is a gift ungiven. 

This artwork was supposed to be completed before the anniversary,
but I didn't make it in time. 

I've finally finished it, but it bears no meaning anymore.
It'd have, if only I was who I am now back then. But
that's nothing more than a remaining unresolved regret.

Time waits for nobody, and traverse is a trait people
have always had. They'll come and they'll go, and sometimes,
they can happen at such abrupt moments that it scatters
your life in all directions.

Stay true to your commitments, and work them out.
You'll never know when your gift can be delivered on
time. But even if you can't, there's no reason as to
why you shouldn't complete it. 

After all, who gives a gift meant for someone to themselves?

You could. 

You always could.

But it never feels the same does it?