Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's hard to explain.

How this guy from half-way across the other end of the world,
can write a song that completely fits the silence I was having
for the past month is beyond my human comprehension.

He summed it up. Made me cry even more with his songs.
And he's awesome.

I was silent then because... 
Well I usually make a big deal out of everything.
Maybe this time I decided not to.
So I silently updated that my FB status,
and went about life like my usual wrong self.

When the realization came, and things started
to roll smoother than I could've ever had, I decided
it was time to just let it out. But I didn't know when.

I didn't want it to be another rant. I didn't want to
complain. Just wanted to mix it up with something
that mattered more than just informing the world
that I'm miserably single again. And I saw the
post shared by my brother. So.. I guess it was
a coincidental opportunity with a need to let out.

And the myth about men is true. 

Men usually cry and feel the impact later
when the separations happen. Girls are more 
prone to just crying right after and moving on
full speed ahead, with self-happiness being their
only set target.

Girls... they dwell, but they're stronger somewhat.
They don't like to look back. And boy, we guys 
sure love to look back. 

Thought I'm not an advocate of people looking for
a new catch in the vast sea of fishes after letting
go of one, I can kinda relate to them now. 

A distraction is all they needed. And that's why men suck
at resolving with the past. Or at least people I've stereotyped
this men like never do.They just keep accumulating more and more 
with more new fishes. And when they finally do, man... I'd never 
wanna be that person.

But I'll get over this I suppose. 

Nah, it's a lie. I never get over anything.
I let them linger to become part of me, and
share them to those who care to listen to
my stories and thoughts.

Every girl I've had feelings for in the past 
were always a part of me, living as experiences,
thoughts, emotions that I can evoke whenever
I need to.

But it's funny to know now how much space this
one special girl can take inside me compared to the
many others I have which are as of now, almost
bear no significance to me any longer.

But I suppose that's normal. We've had the most 
physical time together. We've had the most conversations
together. We've had the most moments together.

Every other one were just fleeting hopes that never
came to be. This was real. And it was a true experience.

A magical one indeed. From the day it started,
till now. Because the experience together with
her may now be over, but the experience still
changes me this very second, even without her.

Relationships are beautiful. And I don't want to
sulk around and put on a sour face like most men do.
They give you wonderful memories and usually change
you for the better. Memories you can't experience
unless if you truly lived in that moment, and gave it
all you had when you had it when the chance came.

So I'll repeat the cycle of sharing my stories and
thoughts with reference to this event. 

It'll linger.

But what truly matters is that, it's and experience worth
sharing. Because I've experienced something beautiful.
And I'd like you to know the beauty I saw, and 
instill this wonder within you when you chance upon
a relationship yourself.

Because it's beautiful. 
Love is beautiful.

Never let anyone make you think otherwise.

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