Friday, October 12, 2012

Kids These Days

Agree with this guy 100%. If you wish to look further
into the issue, querie out "Karen Klein Bus Monitor Bully"

But you don't have to since the case has been resolved.
I'm quite glad of how things turn out for this sweet lady
based on what's explained on its wikipage.

Really don't know what's happening to the world.
I'm telling you, people acted better in the times when
the cane was the law. All this democracy and freedom
is starting to get abused by this freeloading nincompoops
and busy parents who just can't be bothered to indulge 
into the lives of their children.

Be successful by all means. But if you're gonna act that
way as a parent, you might as well not start a family.

Raising a child isn't just about giving it all the love since 
toddling age, teaching it how to walk, eat and be independent, 
and then forget about it an focus on giving them allowances 
and allow life to teach them how to live.

Honestly, if you think that way, and you're a parent,
shame on you.

Everyone responds to stress and challenges differently.
I know a lot of you don't especially adore the
notion of constantly bugging into your kids lives,
but you have to do so once in a while. Not too
often to suffocate your children, but enough to
let them know how much you love them and
that you care about what happens with their lives.

If you give them too much freedom, lotsa stuff can
happen. Living life lessons to randomness can be
challenging no doubt. But you want your child
to grow from them and become a better person
than you ever are don't you?
Isn't it every parents dream to want their kids to
be a kind humane soul that has integrity and
loves the world as much as he loves the people?

And on a last note, don't give up. You can
always do better.

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