Monday, November 05, 2012

A First of Firsts

The First
Have you ever experienced a wonderment so baffling, so bedazzling, that you could hardly believe that it's reality?

It feels as if it was a deja vu materialized, an illusion brought into a physical, tangible experience, so sudden that your body could hardly believe in the sensation itself.

Memories you'd only dreamt of having, and there they are, infused with you pysche, unfading.

It's like when you remembered how you set your first stride after the continuous falls you've faced from just struggling to keep your feet together, that clashes with sudden revelation of the most beautiful experiences you've had, that sublimates into this incognito you knew were false all your life, but always rang true.

You finally knew the signs. They were always there the moment you braved the stuggles to stand and walk. Just that  it took you this long to discover that you were never born poor, but you've been bountifully blessed with many gifts and talents.

A gift of identity. 

A clear idea of who you are and what you are capable of,
which is only limited to how far you're willing to dream.

It's like finding what was you first true love after going through
the pain of its loss in a certain passing of time, that's finally
telling you that those memories aren't painful, but they
are in fact, the most beautiful experience you've ever felt.

A first of firsts.


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