Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back at Home Late at Night

Well, I guess the topic itself is very straightforward. I just hit back home around 12.45am earlier and boy, was I just about to tend to all my other wonderous self-projects that are accumulating with my pile of to-do's. Then, it just suddenly hit back to me; my super fittingly nice RM50 orange-reddish long-sleeve shirt is missing.

Then I went on a 5 minute quest to seek out. Upon failure, I just went with my usual "what the fuck?"

Because I'm just that frustrated. It was my first really cozy piece of clothe I bought for myself with my own money. I had only worn it once too. I remember seeing it in my unsorted pile of clothes. I wanted to wear it last week but changed my mind. So how does it tally that after a few days not doing anything to it at all let alone look at it and stare, it can just go *poof*?

Beats me, but whatever it is I know, once something goes missing in my house, you can never find it, and when you do, it's usually resurfaces magically 3 to 9 years later when it's aged and bad and just plain useless to you anymore.

Anyhow, yeah, I grumbled pretty loud, then my mom stopped me to reprimand me about my temper. I'm not really sure if it's really related to my temper, but if you can call temper a form of frustration, ok, maybe. Because I only grumble when I'm frustrated. Dood, you just lost your RM50 shirt that you spent 3 hours looking for the right size and colour, let alone budget in your favourite boutique of choice. If you're not going wtf, you have a coupon to redeem a salute from me anytime.

Prints best on toilet paper.

Don't worry, it's non-physical and only expires when you expire so...

Anyways, I just talked it out with my mom about things. And she's like not being able to sleep anymore because our little chit-chat kinda woke her up real conscious. So she's gonna burn some of them in front of her favourite Korean channel.

And today, I managed to get a few things I've wanted to say for a looooooooooong time to her. Like
1. My dad was the culprit to making my bro's Accounts Exercise book go *poof*. Ok, maybe it wasn't him, but it's highly probable that it was him. I witnessed him rummaging through my bro's sacred stash of books and everything only to see him toss out things he deemed as trash and casually put everything back in the way it wasn't supposed to be. I donno about you, but doesn't it just irk you when someone goes through your stuff and doesn't even have the decency to put them back the way it's supposed to be?

2. Why I never proceeded with the [Sticky Notes plan]. The Sticky Notes Plan is a plan where I planned myself to give other people a plan on what they plan to plan for their plannings.

Ok, joke aside, it's actually a set of little reminders for the forgetful many residences in this house I live in. Like Please turn off the lights, This plug is damaged, Don't leave the iron on faced down, Please lock the grill before leaving and etc. I didn't go forward with it because, well, I donno, almost everyone seems to go boncus and explode whenever they see those notes. Is it really so hard to just admit to yourself that "Hey, yeah, I'm pretty forgetful, and I know I'm getting dumber over time, thanks for the reminder," instead of like "What kinda stupid idea is this? Who fucking put this up here?"

Well, I guess you can tell why I kinda stopped along the way. But no worries, I think I'm gonna get a magnetic whiteboard instead to stick on the fridge door. I save paper right?

Well, sorta.

3. I finally got to tell my mom the whole reason why I got myself a pink laundry basket of my own to pile my own laundry in. Well, the first reason is pretty self-explanatory. Of course I wanna put in my own laundry lol. But aside from that, I don't want to trouble my mom so much having to sort out my clothes all the time and well, I really appreciate her concern and care for me as her son, but I'm sorry that I just can't help but rage whenever I get my brother's underwear and clothes and pants, and he gets mine. Ok, especially underwear. Just who in their right mind would share underwear? You already see all the hygiene alerts in fashion stores right? Ok maybe you do share around. Just don't tell me if you do heh.

The second reason is because... well, I just wanna fold my own clothes and organize my own clothes by myself. That way I'd be more conscious about my own laundry upkeep and learn to manage it, instead of always leaving it to my mom to do everything. I must admit though that I'm pretty spoiled and it's certainly a lot easier and less stressful when my mom helps with these stuff, but urgh, I just don't want to get mad at her anymore for this reason lol. Don't know if you can relate with my situation.

4. I kinda frankly explained to my mom how things are for me now with work, friends and stuff. I donno la, I really don't find cussing wrong anymore. I don't even feel the slightest bit of guilt for uttering the word that means sexual intercourse fuck everytime I do. Like I said, I normally do out of frustration, and sometimes when I'm around the same kind of people who cuss for fun.

But really, is it so wrong to grumble hard to vent out everything you've got from your system so that you not only destress, but people also acknowledge how frustrated you are about ¿something¿ ? What's the point of grumbling if you're not even gonna grumble properly? You can't grumble softly. I mean, you can, but would it feel as good as grumbling loud and properly with all the baddest words you can find in your shitty vault of vocabs?

Most certainly not.

I'm sorry if you beg to differ, but this isn't a post about how much apart we live from each others' realms or anything. It's really is just me pointing out my opinion in the most frankest of ways. You can choose to agree, choose to disagree, or choose to be indifferent. Either way, it doesn't make a difference to me, because I'm just posting a post. If you're about to explode like when you're one of my siblings seeing a [Sticky Note], I tell you la, just chill lo. No point getting angry over a difference in opinion one.

Sorry, still trying to get over my bad habit of being annoying. Oh, did I tell you that my laundry's piling up 3 times faster than before because i'm just trying to groom up myself right now? Oh wait, I just did in my previous sentence, silly'o me.

"and I fucking love pink. Especially pink laundry baskets. Don't judge me. Pink isn't gay. If you think it is, probably you're gay, for being a coward and not giving it a chance to colour your life."

And for the first time in my life, I shall hereby announce that my both my armpit hair and moustache are no longer virgin. Yeah... kinda... just... shaved them.

Also! Gatsby's Spiky Edge isn't very hair friendly. I used it and it just makes my hair stiff for like so friggin' long. It only softens up after 3 bathes within a period of 36 hours. The hold is just that strong.

I also researched about hair styling stuff, like gels, wax, mousse, pomade and clay. You can read about it where I read it. There're certainly many other sources, but that one is probably the most concise and clear version of the said topic that I could find.

Initially, I thought it'd be ok to just wear the hair cream everyday, but after my first try, I'm honestly horrified. I wanna avoid using it for as long as I can. I mean, it does what it claims to do; without a doubt. But really, if I were to wear it on everyday, I'm gonna have to stock up on more hair care products which will definitely burn a whole in my wallet, which is certainly out of the question for now. Once my income is a bit steadier though, well, just maybe.

It's also pretty retarded thinking back on my first hairstyling product purchasing experience at the local pharmacy. I had no idea what to get, how it'd affect my hair and everything that even the staff of Vitacare kinda tagged along with my bewilderment on which choice to make, so much so that we just stared at the rack for half-an hour rationalizing out which one would work best for me.

So yeah, in the end I just went whuddaheck mode and got Gatsby's Spiky Edge. Yes, this is also pink. But I only got this because it claims to work best on short hair and I have really short hair now. Hmmm...

**On a side note, Gatsby's Roots hairstyle products all come with a slight tinge of green apples in it. So it smells pretty cool. I thought I was gonna get turned off by the smell, like hairspray and deodorants do to me, but I'm actually pretty ok with it. And it's also pretty fun rubbing them into your hair with it's matte-ish feeling. But now that I know just how hard it is to just wash it off, I'm doing my best not to wear lolz.

All it takes is 3 minutes in the toilet and I'd get a decent, if not super swag hairstyle after my regular cycling journeys to work and such. So if there's no mirror around, well, I'd probably just not care lolz.

And.. about deodorants. Zzzz... I still can't really bring myself to use it. I mean, I did kinda use it once, but after going through page after page of reviews about deodarant usage and all, I donno, I just can't seem to want to use it. I mean, a lot of people do to smell good and not make others' life so miserable with their stench. But I just dislike the idea how it clogs your pores and everything. So stench it is at the moment.

So similar to my hairstyle cream, I also only use deo once in a very blue moon. So on the occasional chance that I do need it, I'll borrow my bro's deodorant, and just use it. It feels damned weird la, first time on. Maybe I'd grow out of the awkwardness after repeated uses.

Okok, this is getting really long. Sorry, I just haven't had the proper time to update like this for a long time. Not trying to give excuses or anything, but I barely have time to work on my personal things now that I kinda got dropped with some design assignments haha. The earliest I'm back is 8pm, and latest... 2am?

If you wanna know I'm doing, just swing by Picadilly anytime and give me a call/sms. You can actually find my number on my Facebook profile lol. I'm like one of the only dopes out there who actually puts my contact number there because I just know nobody's gonna bother to check for it. But if people do one day, hmmm.. that's gotta mean something right?

Anyways, I'll let you know if I can hang out with you or not. If I can't then, you can come and hang with me instead where I work. Just stay off peak hours (Wednesday 8.30pm, Friday 3.30pm and 8.30pm) haha. If not, I'll help you make some new friends so I don't have tend to you and focus on my work instead 030

Oh, and Monday's my off day.

Hokae, time to stop this great wall of text. Thanks for reading.
And remember the coupon! -OC


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