Thursday, November 01, 2012

of Women.

A very good read indeed from my former college lecturer.

I find it heartbreaking to know that almost all of us (me included),
conform to this social idiocracy of women so much so that we
don't even realize that it exists, is a destructive problem and
is in a dire need of removal if we are to give these mothers,
women and girls in general, a better chance at living life better.

Not saying that all women have a bad life. Some already
outgrew this social stigma and rose far beyond any men
could dream of getting. But there's also these people who
are always pushed into circumstances they don't wanna
be in, just because they were born a female.

You may not realize it there and then, but just sit back and
think for a minute from your earliest years.

Who does all the housework? Who cooks up meals?
Who's the one always voicing up difficult opinions to
their spouses in their children's steed? Who's the one
always giving in? Who's the one who does all the sucking
up behind the scenes for a greater cause?

For your cause.

Of course, it might not be the case for all mothers. But in
the very least, I know this to be true for most.

So, for those of you out there, who are currently unhappy
with your mom for various reasons, be it just working at home
too much, giving you too much attention or is a full-time mom,
I plead you in their sake, to stop pressuring them into thinking
that their lives suck and needs a good change. Trust me when
I tell you that they know it better than you'll ever do. So do
them a favor and stop shelling where it's not needed.

Unless if you're volunteering to help them change by personally
involving your time, then by all means. If not, then kindly just
zip that trap if you're not up for the commitment.

Seriously, nothing's as bad as working so hard for what you
believe in, only to be compared to a lowly wage wench after
stomaching all the children's ignorantly silly antics at the end
of every single day.

Do you even know how awful it feels to be in the shoes of a
mom with ungrateful, unforgiving children that only give back
and show their love for you once a very ultramarine blue moon?

I mean, sure there's Mother's Day. But ask yourself, honestly,
who really does earnestly celebrate Mother's Day for real?

Also, while reading my lecturer's post earlier, it really struck a
few notes within me when I thought back about the realization
I've experienced with another post my friend wrote.

All the memories of my ex and I just came back to me and things
began to show more signs of clarity than they've ever been.

I knew I made bad calls. Bad mistakes. But now, the picture is painted
clearer than ever. Now, I know that it wasn't just about how I've treated
her, because treating her better would just solve the surface problems.

Experiencing a shift of perception is the true key to solving the true problems.

Those underlying layers that you never knew existed within you, until
someday, a bomb blew up so hard that its shrapnels finally punched a few
holes into your bunker-blinded eyes to open them up to see that they do
exist and you've gotta stop being that jerk you once were.

I've always thought I was giving her the best I could at the time.
It seemed flawless back then. But I know that to be false ever
since the breakup. I was rather destructive in that sense.

In fact we both were. She was constantly worried about the future, and
I was always not able to be there for her crucial moments. And as much
as I've advocated free speech and problem solving talks, I wasn't very
good at it as I wasn't humble enough to give in at times of need. I'm always
too eager to be more superior, to show that I'm always better.

And to make things worse, I remember always rubbing salt into
things unnecessarily. Like,

"You know I can't always be there for you."
"You know I can't promise you how things would turn out in the future"

Boy, talk about obvious. The least I could do was to not say them at
all and just remain calm and collected, hoping my exuding aura would
eventually reach out to her and calm the storms brewing within her head.

A friend of mine was right when she said a word of comfort is
sometimes more than enough. But I guess I was too blindsighted
by my own ego to even see that reality there and then.

You can always correct the ways you treat other people. Like when
someone tells you it's wrong to talk about boobs and it's disrespectful,
you can stop doing it to this one particular person, but if you're still
doing it with everyone else, than you're merely an adjusted person.
Not changed.

Because your beliefs remain the same, just that you're tolerant to others'
needs to not make their lives less miserable for your own petty sake.

To be truly changed is to embrace an idea all the way through, and that
is always easier said that done. You'll never know how many blind
matches you'd have to strike just to finally experience the shift.

But your blind matches won't be blind if you stick long enough to
that same person who reprimanded you. At least with that person
around, who knows, maybe that adjustment might just get permanent?

So here I am with shrapnels piercing through my bunker-blinded eyes.



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