Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Status Update

Just need to clarify that I'm working now if anyone missed
the short statement about it in my previous post. Some of
you out there would already know where I'm at if you've
been to the Magic tourney centre at Millennium Square recently.

Anyhows, I just want to share with you a certain possibility
to obtain scholarship to broaden your artist experience. There's
a link about it here, and the contest expires on the 3rd of December.

So... go for it if you think you need it. I think I do. So I'm definitely
signing myself up. Wish me luck? ^^

Gotta fight all the fatigue post-work lol. - OC


Joey said...

walaooooo....super near to my place

O C said...

huh. It is? O.o Maybe next time you can drop by for lunch XD