Monday, December 31, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape Case

I guess some of you would have already seen this being passed around viral on Facebook and whatnot.

Moved by the story, I decided to look for the victim's name. At least like that, she'll be remembered as a real person. Not that Delhi Gang Rape victim.

She deserves at least that much for all this hype about her story. But maybe it's her family's decision to keep it ambiguous. So either way, I'd respect whatever they decide to do.

[edit] Her name is Jyoti Singh Pandey
And a Wikipage has been released in honour of her courage to stand against her perpetrators[/edit]

Her family's probably been through enough following her slow death. But if any of you out there know her name, let it be known, and God bless her soul.
The article about the last moments of her life really just made me shed a tear. Why of all people, this girl?

If you type Delhi Gang Rape Case on Google search, you should be able to find loads of hate threads dedicated to the motherfuckers who took her life. So I'll spare you all the additional links.

Just in case you haven't read the full story, here's the original article strip.

Anyways, this is what I posted on FB in response to hearing this dreadful news.

"Why must there always be stuck up men that ruin all us good men's reputation as a whole? Motherfuckers, is it so damned hard to treat a woman right? 

All you have to do it keep your thing in, stop looking at them as sexual objects and treat them like anyone you'd respect. Then, they'll just appear as a woman to you, not boob, not dat ass, not tapping whatever you might have in mind.

Just look at them as a person for God's sake. 

Fucking retards. 

You idiots don't get a boner when you look at something beautiful. Girls are always beautiful before sexy. If that doesn't happen to you, I donno, I guess your dick might as well be your only brain.

Boners only happens when you begin to think about what you shouldn't be thinking. Don't make up excuses with hormones and whatnot. It's all you all the way through.

Fuck rapists, fuck pedos, fuck killers and fuck everything that's wrong with this world. The world didn't end to give you spastic jokes more opportunities to destroy more innocent lives.

Why can't that poor lady end her journey in a Bollywood movie scene with 6 random men giving her a bouquet of roses each? Oh right, I guess you dickheads decided it was ok to overpower a girl with the might of 6 men, and then marvel at the eureka moment where you realized that a hole should be able to fit any rod, anyhow, anytime.

One day I tell you, one day, that same metal rod's gonna go through your only hole below and it's gonna exit through your mouth.

Whether you live or die after that is none of my concern. God save your soul.

Share it around with or without the text if you need be. Just don't ignore this.

But if you can't or don't have time, don't worry, I won't hold any grudges. It's not like I'm oblivious to all the other problems life poses to us.

If you're a girl, just be careful out there. It doesn't matter how prepared you are sometimes. If someone's intention is to gang rape you, even if you're with a gang of girls, you'll get raped. Don't try to be smart. Just follow your survival instincts.

And to guys out there, I guess the message I've sent above is pretty clear enough.

To everyone else out there, I know we live in an age where sleeping around and exchanging partners are common nowadays. But please do remember that every life is precious, and one should never cross the border to sexual insanity. If you're really into sex, don't let it get too much into your head, don't let it control you, and don't let it turn savage.

Treat people like how they should be treated. Treat them like how you want to be treated. If your clause at life is to violate other people's physical space, lets see what happens if someone chooses to violate your life instead.

Nobody asked to be rape, nobody asked to be murdered, nobody asked to be bullied, nobody asked to be etc. Stop the crap and just be nice.

Is it really so hard to be nice?

...Great way to greet a new year full of hope.

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