Tuesday, December 18, 2012

High Beam eh.

Have you ever despised someone so much for doing something so incredulously stupid at the most annoying of times? I mean, just imagine yourself rushing to another location on bicycle in the middle of the night, and this idiot hobo had to do this from the oncoming direction.

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Yes. They really, fucking, hurt.

You assholes out there better watchout. One day, one day I tell you, I'm gonna put a mirror in front of my bicycle and then we'll see how it feels for your eyes to burn like mine did.

Do I look like I care if it'd cause you swerve to the corner and cause an accident? Guess not. I mean, I am putting that mirror to make your life miserable right

Dafuq, you expect people to be considerate for you, so why can't you do the same for others?

I know you're supposed to use it when you see something coming at you in the oncoming direction. But didn't the road book specifically mention that you have to turn it off as you draw closer? In fact, you were only allowed to have it on like at least 500 feet away. Not IN MAH FUCKING FACE.

Please go reeducate yourself here and here and wherever else you can think of. Oh, it must be fucking stupid for someone to cycle on Malaysia roads. Well, whaddaya know, I'm just stuck with it for now. It's not like I can simply afford a better pecking vehicle to overpower your might anytime y'know.

If that can happen, I must either be filthy rich, or I'm just that great of a car thief.

And what the hell is wrong with drivers these days?

Tell me, tell me please for the love of god and guanyinpusa, what's the whole reason for having this nice lovely light installed at the side of the vehicle?

image taken from here.

So why the fuck is it so damned difficult for you dopehead drivers to just use that signal to show where you're going?

                        TURN RIGHT

Very big difference isn't it?

It's just that simple. Move that stick. Move that lever stick at the side of your steering wheel. YES, just move that muthafucka everytime you wanna turn or switch lanes. Is that so hard to do? 

Oh, it's hard? Realry? Wait till I make that lever go 20kg. And I'll make sure you're also handcuffed. Oh, and i'll duct tape both your entire hands. Now you tell me that's hard, maybe I'll believe you just a trifle bit.

Seriously man, are you deliberately trying to cause negligence on the road or challenging a lowly pedestrian who so happens to be coming in the opposite direction of your road to a road rage duel of death?

For fuck's sake man, driving ain't for lazy people. If you lazy, don't drive. You'll kill someone in the process man. Seriously, one day, it's gonna happen to you, and that irremovable memory will haunt you in an everlasting torment of darkness and guilt. 

Oh, don't want that?


Well, I'd love to use a mirror to threaten you, but that's gonna be useless for your case so...
Yeah. Just please kindly turn on your signal pretty please? Or i'm telling you, you might just end up like Bruno Mars over here.

Ok, enough #/infiniterage for today.

Anyways, on my side of the update, something weird's happening to my feet lately. I donno if it has something to do with my dad changing into a cheaper brand of soap for the socks. 

Either way, it's not like he throws in the socks to wash properly. You're actually supposed to soak them first, then wash them alone with just socks and nothing else. If you mix'em up with clothes, isn't it only natural for them to stink like the socks themselves after that right?

And socks retain lots of soap man. Period.

So much that if it's not properly rinsed, the soap can get absorbed into your skin and make them dry, flaky and blistery.

So yes, you need to rinse, and rinse, and rinse. AND FUCKING RINSE AGAIN.

You can't just expect socks to be clean with just once rinse, one wash, together with clothes, without soaking. If your socks don't smell after you do that, it's either the feet of your entire family never stink, or you're using miracle soap. Seriously, just let me know what product you use for your socks if they really don't reek of feet fungus and the like after one wash, with one rinse, together with other clothes and all. Just take my money already!

See those flakes and patches? It never existed a month or a few weeks back. In fact, I only started noticing them in the past 2 weeks. They just suddenly popped outta nowhere. And it's queer how I always find that my socks would be sticking to those parts of the skin as if they were matching pairs of velcro and cloth.

That's just fucking wrong y'know. It's like someone purposely hid double-sided tape into my socks to fool around with me. I donno how it works, but it really is just like that.

Anyhows, mom's asking me to go and rinse my feet in hot salt water twice a day to get rid of this piece of shit skin problem which name isn't known to me. As if time isn't scarce enough  already for me, and now I've gotta spend half an hour in the day and half an hour in the night to just do this shit.

I suppose I'm not in the position to complain since it's either I do it, or it just gets motherfucking-ly worse.

So, yeah. Life sucks today. Just hoping it's not a potential corn or callus, or I'd really be in deep shit. I mean, my mom got it before from my eldest brother, and I personally witnessed my mom apply acid to burn layers over layers over layers of her skin, slowly for a period of more than 6 months, twice a day.

Each burn session lasted at least for half an hour, and left to do it's work for the entire fucking day/night. I donno about you, but I'd never wanna put myself through that kinda misery.

Yeah. Ok, ranting out. Thanks for reading. -OC


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