Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen Listen Listen Listen

Yeah. Ms. Sharifah. You too awesome d.
You can watch the youtube links here or here.

But whatever it is, I think this guy's translation of the situation is pretty accurate.

To the girl, Ms. Bawani, I agree with Choo Mei Sze. Good on you. You deserve to go to a better school.

Haih, I tell you ah, all I can do now after watching all this is just :

Go spread the news around and make people know what democracy really is.

Isy isy isy che wa, rakusnya manusia.

But don't be too disappointed or blinded by avarice. Seems like there's still hope and a bright future ahead.]

Because we are all Bawani people. We're all Bawani.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When You Make A Mistake

It's only right if you correct it.

From scratch if you have to.

There's still more work to do, but I just can't stand the previous image
lurking as the top post in my blog. So I just haveta post something up =_=

Anyways, have a nice day.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breaking the Bricks

Hi there Ms. 2D secretary. I've been feeling kinda down lately and I was thinking if I could see you on a daily basis on my screen, I'd feel more motivated to do more works.

Please bear with me as I set you as my current wallpaper. Your presence here is most appreciated.

But please don't get mad if I happen to change you into a better looking artwork. After all, your job is to remind my what I need to do to get past you. Right? Right?



Thursday, January 10, 2013

They Said You'd Have Died Already

But you haven't.

So what if you lose an eye right?
You've still got a stomach to feed,
a family to protect, 

and a will to live.

You go kitty.
You go.


This kitty kat is one helluva tough buggar. The eye is still festering, but he's still strong and alive. It really pains me to see sometimes that animals at my own backyard can prove to inspire me more compared to my normal human counterpart these days.

It must be the First World Problems. It has to be. If not, then there's nothing to pinpoint aye? It's a motherfucking epidemic I'm telling you. An epidemic of the mind, body and soul. And it's infesting the minds of more and more people these days, young and old alike.

Anyways, since we're kinda in the subject, let me list down the 3 sorts of people who annoy the living fuck outta me whenever I chance upon their unsightly sight.
1. The one who dreams big, but whines and complains every single time he couldn't get what he wants because he doesn't spend enough time on the appropriate things for them to matter to his dream.
- If you really want to succeed in something, stop multitasking, stop playing games, stop screwing around and start focusing. And if you don't get what you want after that, YEAH, you WHINE all you want. Because you deserve to do so after working your butt off. But if you haven't given a full 50% and you're already complaining, man, oh man, just you wait for my elbow.

2. The one who has it all but acts as if he has nothing, blames everything for having nothing and doesn't give himself a chance to realize he has more than just nothing to offer.
- Hey fucker. Get your act straight and send out your works to the appropriate people. You can say you're not confident all you want, but you need to realize that your idealism of perfectness and what people see as conceivable work in the industry are completely different things. Stop looking at things from only your perspective. Let other people help you to be a better you.

3. The Class A loser.
- You don't deserve and explanation. You're not worth my time.

Oh, what's a class A loser? The one who's 1+2 combined with no sense of accomplishment, no set goals and is a literal waste of space on earth. 

If you're 
- depressed
- have nothing to do
- nothing to lose
- nothing to be proud of 
- nothing to show, and 
- feel like your very existence is a pain in the ass for everyone around you, 

well, I guess you might just be a Class A Loser. Because whaddya know, you being like that is a pain in the ass.

It's a new year, it's a time for good starts. Let it happen now. Don't wait till tomorrow, don't wait till later, and most importantly, don't wait for the right time if you've never gotten anything done while you've waited so damned fucking long. Because chances are, that right time will never come for you. Because for you, there just is no right time.

So stop waiting. Start moving. If you really think you're a waste of space just because people tell you you are one, then serves you right. Because if you're not even willing to put up a fight against the emotional abuse, then you're just asking for the torture to happen all year round. 

But if you don't feel the same way, then prove it to them, yourself, and those out there who might still have a hint of care towards you. They at least deserve that much for watching out for your backs so far.

Be someone. Be something. Be the cat ^

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Sometimes you need to see it to believe it.
Things that don't make sense to you. 
Things that just can't seem to connect with you.

Then there are also those that feel like a jar half-filled
with water, not knowing whether it'll be finished or it'd be refilled
aches the thought at the back of your mind.

Our imagination can only accommodate so much of what
we can materialize. For the rest of it, you just need to
experience it to know how it feels like.

One need to see to believe.
But to know, that, you must first feel.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Never Let Pride

Never let pride get in the way for humble beginnings.
A small start is as good a start as any.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Knocked Out Cold

On my way to work earlier today, I spotted a man lying still on the tar ground. In the beginning, I thought that man might have just been sleeping like some of the occasional foreign workers who do so at constructions sites and such.

Against my sense for punctuality, I went back to check if he was alright amidst the other lingering people around the scene. You'll never know, he might be needing help.

There was no pulse.

No breathing.

Not movement of the chest.

But his body was still warm nonetheless;

which meant he might still has a good chance of survival. So I performed a few circuits on CPR on him until I began to feel the strain. I managed to do around 3 circuits.

Before that, I tried calling out to him however I could, but there was no response whatsoever. There were also no signs of eye movement and there was a huge saliva stain on the ground centered from his mouth  spreading outwards.

I checked again after my 3 circuits.

Still not vital signs.

No response.

When I blew for the first time, the air went in, but I could hear bubbles rumbling in his airway as I blew. I suspect that the saliva has flooded his air canals, therefore blocking the air from going in.

I tried again and again. If he was choking, the liquids should have exited his mouth already as I continued pumping his chest. But nothing happened.

I wanted to keep going, but it seemed hopeless, and the mass at scene shared the same feeling. Exhausted from trying, I gave in to the sense of hopelessness and called myself quits.

His mouth was bleeding around the lip and the tongue. It might've been a seizure. All I could gather from the people nearby was that he suddenly collapsed. But when I asked who witnessed it, nobody knew for sure who said that. So I couldn't tell for sure how long he's been lying there. Probably passed 5 minutes already. Which might have meant that his body still being warm could've been caused by the release of heat in the afternoon, not because he just recently collapsed.

The other pedestrians nearby tried reaching out to the local ambulance when I was giving CPR, but the operator on the other end of the phone suspected we were making a prank call. Seriously, of all the times, did it really have to be this time? There's a real case, a real person needing help pronto.

Just great.

Irritated, we decided to call the cops instead. I was surprised to see the policeman with a machinegun ready when they exited their patrol car. I suppose when they heard of a body they were just getting ready just in case.

Either way, they arrived quite swiftly after the call, and took over the situation.

Passing over the baton the the fellow enforcers, I went back en route to work and never looked back.

Right now, I'm still feeling the tinge of guilt left behind by the incident earlier.

Whether I did things right.

Whether I gave the best I could.

Whether he could be alive now if I did any different.

You see, this is the reality of being a spontaneous medic. When you get to actually perform the actual CPR on a real person, you'd feel good about yourself, and you might even get an award from it and stuff like that should things go well.

The thing is, good things don't always happen, and when you don't, you're just left with guilt. It's like an A grade, no matter how hard you studied, if you get a B, a B is still not an A. In this case, I learned CPR, but if that man wasn't able to be successfully resuscitated, then the knowledge for CPR was for nothing.

And you wanna know what's even weirder? Now that I've actually done this, I was actually advised to get myself checked up just in case I contracted anything while giving that man a mouth-to-mouth.

I suppose good deeds has it consequences too sometimes.
For now, this is my current predicament.

I hope for the best for him... as I'll never know whether he lived or died after I left.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Give A Round of Applause-

Looks like somebodeh got famous overnight.
-to this 13 year old boy down here who attempted to rape an adult lady. He's sure got loads of balls to do it. Maybe he got inspired by the Delhi Rape Case somewhat.

Wow, crime inspiration. Such fascination perplexes me. If you remember in my previous post, I mentioned to you girls that if someone is intending to rape you, even if you're with a gang of girls, you'll get raped no matter what you try to do to outsmart them?

Well, I guess this serves to prove to you that someone can be any male known to men, and he sure as hell can rape you alright, for as long as he has the balls to do it, pun intended.

This news is currently being passed around viral on FB now. And there's this talk going around that his face should've been censored, and if not, well, suddenly we civilians should fear judgment for the act of sharing our concerns for others just as a general precaution and for the sake of our own safety.

I donno about you. I don't think that kid deserves such kindness, but every law is made for a reason, so lets just respect it for now and censor his face... in which I already did.

If by some odd chance, someone already shared you the original link; GOOD, stare at him and make sure your brand the look of his face in your head and be very wary of him. If he tries anything funny to you girls, just kick in your survival instincts. If your mind goes blank, don't worry, just scream or run.

No, LITERALLY. I mean it, DON'T WORRY, just SCREAM or RUN.

And if you're a guy, well, I'd love you to elbow him for me just for the fun of it in the name of retribution for every other potential rape victims out there until every single tooth in him drops out bleeding. But, lets be the better people here and not do that... unless he starts getting horneh again. Then.. well, you're just trying to save a damsel in distress right? I mean, who would stand by watching a chick get raped by a minor?

I donno, probably another horneh dickhead.

Either way, just as a way of saying fuckyou congratulations to the awesome kid, here's my round of applause for him.

Cheers and be safe people. And on another note, we often 
hear the talk about girls getting raped most of the time, 
but people tend to forget that sometimes, us men 
are victims of predatory females as well.

Hold the thought. Don't let the stigma of "how can a woman
ever rape a man" get to you. Just be on the lookout, and educate 
yourself about male rape. You'll be surprised what you can find on Google
when you just key in the words - Male rape victim survivors- OC