Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Give A Round of Applause-

Looks like somebodeh got famous overnight.
-to this 13 year old boy down here who attempted to rape an adult lady. He's sure got loads of balls to do it. Maybe he got inspired by the Delhi Rape Case somewhat.

Wow, crime inspiration. Such fascination perplexes me. If you remember in my previous post, I mentioned to you girls that if someone is intending to rape you, even if you're with a gang of girls, you'll get raped no matter what you try to do to outsmart them?

Well, I guess this serves to prove to you that someone can be any male known to men, and he sure as hell can rape you alright, for as long as he has the balls to do it, pun intended.

This news is currently being passed around viral on FB now. And there's this talk going around that his face should've been censored, and if not, well, suddenly we civilians should fear judgment for the act of sharing our concerns for others just as a general precaution and for the sake of our own safety.

I donno about you. I don't think that kid deserves such kindness, but every law is made for a reason, so lets just respect it for now and censor his face... in which I already did.

If by some odd chance, someone already shared you the original link; GOOD, stare at him and make sure your brand the look of his face in your head and be very wary of him. If he tries anything funny to you girls, just kick in your survival instincts. If your mind goes blank, don't worry, just scream or run.

No, LITERALLY. I mean it, DON'T WORRY, just SCREAM or RUN.

And if you're a guy, well, I'd love you to elbow him for me just for the fun of it in the name of retribution for every other potential rape victims out there until every single tooth in him drops out bleeding. But, lets be the better people here and not do that... unless he starts getting horneh again. Then.. well, you're just trying to save a damsel in distress right? I mean, who would stand by watching a chick get raped by a minor?

I donno, probably another horneh dickhead.

Either way, just as a way of saying fuckyou congratulations to the awesome kid, here's my round of applause for him.

Cheers and be safe people. And on another note, we often 
hear the talk about girls getting raped most of the time, 
but people tend to forget that sometimes, us men 
are victims of predatory females as well.

Hold the thought. Don't let the stigma of "how can a woman
ever rape a man" get to you. Just be on the lookout, and educate 
yourself about male rape. You'll be surprised what you can find on Google
when you just key in the words - Male rape victim survivors- OC

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Mr Lonely said...

i had been saw that boy's picture keep circulating in Facebook~

by the way, Happy New Year 2013 and wish you all the best!