Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Listen Listen Listen Listen

Yeah. Ms. Sharifah. You too awesome d.
You can watch the youtube links here or here.

But whatever it is, I think this guy's translation of the situation is pretty accurate.

To the girl, Ms. Bawani, I agree with Choo Mei Sze. Good on you. You deserve to go to a better school.

Haih, I tell you ah, all I can do now after watching all this is just :

Go spread the news around and make people know what democracy really is.

Isy isy isy che wa, rakusnya manusia.

But don't be too disappointed or blinded by avarice. Seems like there's still hope and a bright future ahead.]

Because we are all Bawani people. We're all Bawani.


Sicreci said...

eh well, some ppl have rly low EQ, so wot if she's a graduate. rly shameful.
The only difference between both of them is one who is brave enuf to speak, and one who is STUPID enuf to Speak.

O C said...

Yeap. Couldn't have put it into better words.