Thursday, January 10, 2013

They Said You'd Have Died Already

But you haven't.

So what if you lose an eye right?
You've still got a stomach to feed,
a family to protect, 

and a will to live.

You go kitty.
You go.


This kitty kat is one helluva tough buggar. The eye is still festering, but he's still strong and alive. It really pains me to see sometimes that animals at my own backyard can prove to inspire me more compared to my normal human counterpart these days.

It must be the First World Problems. It has to be. If not, then there's nothing to pinpoint aye? It's a motherfucking epidemic I'm telling you. An epidemic of the mind, body and soul. And it's infesting the minds of more and more people these days, young and old alike.

Anyways, since we're kinda in the subject, let me list down the 3 sorts of people who annoy the living fuck outta me whenever I chance upon their unsightly sight.
1. The one who dreams big, but whines and complains every single time he couldn't get what he wants because he doesn't spend enough time on the appropriate things for them to matter to his dream.
- If you really want to succeed in something, stop multitasking, stop playing games, stop screwing around and start focusing. And if you don't get what you want after that, YEAH, you WHINE all you want. Because you deserve to do so after working your butt off. But if you haven't given a full 50% and you're already complaining, man, oh man, just you wait for my elbow.

2. The one who has it all but acts as if he has nothing, blames everything for having nothing and doesn't give himself a chance to realize he has more than just nothing to offer.
- Hey fucker. Get your act straight and send out your works to the appropriate people. You can say you're not confident all you want, but you need to realize that your idealism of perfectness and what people see as conceivable work in the industry are completely different things. Stop looking at things from only your perspective. Let other people help you to be a better you.

3. The Class A loser.
- You don't deserve and explanation. You're not worth my time.

Oh, what's a class A loser? The one who's 1+2 combined with no sense of accomplishment, no set goals and is a literal waste of space on earth. 

If you're 
- depressed
- have nothing to do
- nothing to lose
- nothing to be proud of 
- nothing to show, and 
- feel like your very existence is a pain in the ass for everyone around you, 

well, I guess you might just be a Class A Loser. Because whaddya know, you being like that is a pain in the ass.

It's a new year, it's a time for good starts. Let it happen now. Don't wait till tomorrow, don't wait till later, and most importantly, don't wait for the right time if you've never gotten anything done while you've waited so damned fucking long. Because chances are, that right time will never come for you. Because for you, there just is no right time.

So stop waiting. Start moving. If you really think you're a waste of space just because people tell you you are one, then serves you right. Because if you're not even willing to put up a fight against the emotional abuse, then you're just asking for the torture to happen all year round. 

But if you don't feel the same way, then prove it to them, yourself, and those out there who might still have a hint of care towards you. They at least deserve that much for watching out for your backs so far.

Be someone. Be something. Be the cat ^

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