Monday, February 25, 2013

Not Your Average Post

Watch this.

Done watching?

Now ctrl + a

‎"Get over it." 


They only have the luxury to say that just because they've lived a life devoid of all our problems. They don't understand shit about people who spent their entire life dealing with bullies. They expect you to be strong when they leave you alone to fend for yourselves. 

This is what "friends" are today. To them, you're just a convenient conversation piece. At the end of the day, you're just as neglectable as miniscule ants.

But it's true. Because not everyone can devote time to save one emotionally fragile soul. Because even if they did, it might not work because we're all so shitbound to hell by our own echoing suicidal thoughts.

They want us to believe the bullies were wrong. Oh how we wished they'd just phrase them differently, or took a different approach.

We just needed some encouragement. A little patch to a graze. Being left alone and ignored is as good as being desolate itself. What's the difference then if all friends choose to be like this?

Stop this madness. Stop it today. Say something nice to someone. Give someone a hug. Choose not to ignore. Why does it have to take so much effort to be humane you ask? 

Because destructiveness is a quaint trait all humans are born with. Bullies destroy others. Depressed individuals destroy themselves. And ignorance from everyone else allows this cycle to repeat.

Save someone today. Start by saving yourself from being a potential bully.

God Bless all the survivors out there. Took me 17 years to find it in myself to believe that they were all wrong. I hope your sentence will not be as long as mine.

Good day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Belated Valentines!

Happy belated Valentines!

To everyone who's still single, no worries, the harder you work, the closer you get to not only the person you want to be with, but also who you want to become.

Because no matter what, later in the end, you still have to take care of that person. Sometimes we occupy our minds so much with trying to be strong and be able to protect, but look pass them in the context financial and life-wise concerns.

People usually get bumped when they find that their one true love isn't up to proper benchmarks. We all know that we like people for what they're good with, but love them for what they suck in, but lets not give people an excuse to repel you. You want them to give your more hugs, not more fistselbows.

And to those who's already all lovey-dovey, just remember that being a couple isn't an excuse for you to be lazy all year long kay? Spending time together is important, but you have to remember that life isn't free and you've always gotta be working so that you can enjoy more quality time together. 
Of course unless if you're *ahem* loaded.

To none Valentiners~

Don't give up! The workhardoggy is here to cheer you for one day. Or the day when you see it, or whichever applicable to your current situation.

We all get tired with what we do everyday occasionally. Just keep your mind focused and let the doggy hocus-pocus everything away for a while, even if it's just a few seconds, then snap right back to reality ok? There's still a long way to go, so keep fighting! You'll be needing a break from time to time. Working hard is important, but don't neglect your own health and well-being. One can't really work hard properly if one would fall into illness and have one's abilities hampered now aye?

Also, a mini update!
I'll be leaving my current work in mid-March. So be informed alright?

Oh, and a little link to refresh your mind a bit.
Hehe, kays. Thx for visiting.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

?Peace of Mind?

Reassurance - The action of removing someone's doubts or fears:

Some people realize this, and some people don't, but insurance basically does that for you. It reassures you that you've got a backup plan should things go wrong. It's like your spare HDD for all those treasured files you've kept and hoarded over the past years that can make you feel at ease because you've already backed up everything should all hell break loose.

But sometimes, it could mean reassurance for future mishaps.

I mean, the 1. trees aren't gonna sound you if they feel like falling onto your car.

And 2. slippery floors don't give warnings on when you'd fall and break a bone.

Your body may have excellent reflexes, but 3. reflexes can't save you when you heading down after being thrown off balance.

I'm bringing this up because 1,2, and 3 happened to my mom before.

2nd and 3rd being the most recent. Happened in order too.

I left work around 12.40pm only to find that my mom just finished with her classic all-time family favourite dish, her own version of Mee Rebus.

yummy awesomeness gone not-so-terrific upon hearing my mom's condition.

It usually takes around 4-6 hours to prepare a meal enough for a family of 8 which can last for 3 meals, and by the picture, I think you can pretty much tell how awesome it is. Not to brag, but if my mom opened a stall to sell this dish, it'd be selling better than Rotiboy I tell ya.

So anyways, returning to where I was... I was already rushing for work, so I left without eating that awesome thing. I could tell my mom was trying very hard to make it ready for me before I left, but I just needed to go. I need to cycle for 20 minutes to reach my workplace. My brother offered to drive me and get me to eat up, but I recalled how terrible it was when I was driving the other time, so I told him not to.

I should remember to thank her later when she wakes up and tell her I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly.

On another note, work was rather quiet during the day, but it picked up at night. I remember my mom asking if I wanted the mee rebus sent over to me at my work place, and I forgot to mention where my workplace was.

Either way, in the evening, I found it a bit strange they never smsd nor called to confirm with me because usually they do if they ever need to bring something over and check if I'm having dinner outside. Only when I came back around 12am that I found out my mom actually broke her wrist to smitherens and that she was out the whole day getting herself a proper diagnosis.

I say smitherens mainly because part of her bones basically shattered inside. I'm not sure about the entire details, but she's in pain, and she had to endure a painstaking morbid afternoon waiting for the entire half-assed procedure to be over. She left around 1pm, came back at 6.30pm. Explains a lot about medical services in Malaysia.

Not to say they are bad or anything. I know government-funded medical facilities are subsidized and are way cheaper than regular ones, but still, 5 hours for just x-ray and diagnosis? Are you kidding me? Me getting a blood test took me 3 effing hours waiting in queue too. And that wasn't even a public government clinic!

Either way, I saw her wearing an arm sling. The normal triangular bandage one that RC greenhorns use for practice. Don't medical facilities have arm dressings? They sure must be that ill-equipped to give an arm sling made of triangular bandage. And from the way my brother (yeap, he's back from NS due to CNY break. Going back on 14th Feb) described the nurse who was tending my mom, she was barely competent enough to handle a patient. She didn't even do a basic rift knot right.

We citizens may not be all full-fledged first aiders, but we recognize sloppy and inexperience when we see one. And bitchplease, you NEVER take away ice from a closed wound, ESPECIALLY when it's aching like mad from internal injury.

My mom tried to claim from her Etiqa insurance, but it was denied because.. well, Etiqa just doesn't cover for injuries like this. It does however, cover for dismemberment be it partial or whole, big or small, disablement from partial to whole, and of course, death by random uberness. Thanks for trying Etiqa.

Well, at least now I know how covered I'd be if something ever happens to me in the future. Sometime I wonder if you're even a real insurance plan or just some bogus mid-tier get-some-returns-with-very-low-risk scheme.

So do I feel reassured about myself for having an Etiqa account that I pay RM80 monthly for? No.

Either way people, this isn't about Etiqa. At the end of the day, it's about removing that fear or doubt about your own safety and making sure that the rest of your kin are provided for should something really terrible happen to you. If whatever insurance plan you have can't give you that peace of mind, then you're basically not insured. Because if you're not insured psychologically, then you're as good as not insured at all.

So the next time if you're actually gonna get an actual insurance plan, or if you already have one, go ask your agent or customer service how well you're covered according to your insurance subscription plan. Don't ask them what, give them realistic scenarios and ask them how you'll be covered. Insurance agents are pretty sly. They often give you temporary answers that seeks to delay your focus to be able to distract you enough so that he or she can focus on selling a plan to you.

And after it's sold, whatever after service you're gonna get, you'd get it if you're lucky. If you aren't then, oh well, congratulations! You've been dumped, only that it isn't your girl or boyfriend.

*sigh* Sorry. Way to go to start Valentine's eh. I'm sure the saint never expected someone to slip while mopping the floor and breaking some bones in the process. Even if the operation is gonna cost 10k, I still understand that my mom simply mopped outta love for the family. Nobody would have guessed it'd happen just like that.

I mean, a tree really came down on my mom's car before too. The tree got struck by lightning or a gust of wind. Either way, it just had to fall on the already-miserable Kancil. My sister was driving that day... Man, just imagine the look of my mom's face when she heard about it from my sis herself.

Then, bunny hopping with a BMX can't be all that dangerous. With a little bit of practice, it should be working just fine. Who would've known the handles would put too much pressure on the wrist, turning it a few degrees sideways and casting the entire body off balance, causing the rider to fall on the knee and damaging the lingament...

...only to come back seeking treatment but falling down the second time on the same said knee with a slippery mat. My brother can never aggravate his knee again ever since. Meaning to say that he can't lift weight, jog for too long, do any strenuous jerks and jumps and whatever else activities that matches the same physical intensity to his knee.

Gyah, anyways enough of this. Happy Belated CNY and Valentines. Whatever already. Need to go and fetch my dad together with my bro later at 4.30am. Having my sister taking out my mom's car, which is the only car with P symbols isn't making matters any easier. And my spare P's having gone missing definitely adds more unnecessary spice to the current predicament. Oh well, let's just hope the cops don't get to us or anything.

What a day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Suffer First, Rejoice Last

Tehee, new banner, you can go see the differences in my previous one if you want to lolz.

But anyways... to say that I did this out of pure random urge like the other time isn't very true. So, well, there's gonna be a long explanation ahead. Just so you know hehe.

Alright, so recently, a friend brought up an intriguing question. He asked me if we were slaves to money.

At that time, I didn't really think it through and kinda shrugged it off because he offered me a drive to work after our catching up yumcha session and he made me run late half an hour so...

Oh well, sometimes when you know you're gonna be running late, you just have to deal with it. I declined his offer for a ride in the beginning but he was pretty enthusiastic about it and kinda put me in a position where I couldn't decline. So.. sure, why not? Didn't know the roads would be in such a jam and that he'd forget his most important trip with his other half and forgot to pack his things up before coming. So yes, he ended up needing to make a pit stop at his place before I could actually touch down at the doorstep to my workplace.

After that, I revealed how I really felt about people driving me around to him and truth be told, I hate being driven around, both literally and metaphorically. On the literal side, one thing is because when you're the one on the passenger sit, you're under the discretion of the driver no matter how close or nice that person may be. And if shit hits the fan, I don't like pointing fingers at people for causing stuff to happen, like for instance, being late half an hour for work. ^

Because, my work ethic tells me that in the case of punctuality, there's just no excuse for it. It's either you reach on time or you just don't. What matters is whether you'd do whatever it takes to reach on time, or not.
So in my case, I'm at fault for not
a) declining his offer in the very beginning
b) convincing him to make the trip to his place later
c) not hurrying him in an urgent manner

When you look at any reason for being late, there's always a loophole for improvement or something you could do to stop it, and that's exactly why there can never be a reason for being late. Just excuses.

But if someone passed away or is in the emergency theatre (touch wood) then it's finally not an excuse. As ironic as it may appear to be, it's just like that lol.

I can relate to people who have things coming up out of the blue that causes them to be late, like a flat tyre when you're about to leave, no petrol, car breaking down and other kinds of stuff. It's really annoying when people tell you there's no excuse when you're late, but they're right more often than you are.

You could have always checked the car the night before, or just do a checkup everytime after you're done driving, left an hour earlier. But then again, not everyone has all the time in the world to do such things. And the people who say that to you probably can't do much about it themselves if it does happen. They just derive pleasure from rubbing in the salt where it hurts I guess haha.

To me, I'd personally rather be late half an hour jogging to work and be held accountable for my own sloppiness in time management then say, "Oh, I was out with Mr. Joe all morning and he kinda had to make a few stops before he could send me here." I dislike putting people in the red for me and I dislike the idea of people being in the red for me. If I'm gonna take a cannon shell in, I'd rather just sink alone then involve another ship and cause it to sink together with me all the way down into the darkest depths of the big blue sea.

The same rings through when I'm hanging out with friends. Sometimes, it's normal for this getups to have an unlimited, unconditional extension with time. And well, these days, it's kinda taboo to talk about your own worldly problems to other people; like if you have personal deadlines to attend to and they just go on like there's no tomorrow because they probably aren't in the same mindset or situation as you are.

The ones that usually really pisses me of is when people respond with the word, "chill." I mean, I know they mean well, but I really, really loathe the idea of a response that has no proper basis. If they said chill, and continued with another line to explain why I should chill, I'd probably not get hot so much.

Either way, I'm learning the right ways to excuse myself early from gatherings, and for cases like this, when I really do go out, I'd clear up my schedule for the entire day and give up on everything for the particular day.

Because for me, if I don't, I'd just end up hating everyone for not letting me work on what I should be doing and wasting my precious time having empty chatter lol. Makes it easier for me and I don't have to waste energy on getting upset unnecessarily. If it ends early, I'm cool. If it doesn't, well, that's the main reason why I have the whole schedule for the day cleared right? Normally I don't really tell anyone this, (or at least, worded it this way before) but yeah, since it's touching on the topic anyways, why not.

Oooooookay, lets just digress back to the topic at hand.

The answer to his question before is; as much as to my own dismay, yes we are all slaves to money.

For now that is.

I mean, I don't like it, but it's just the certain phase in life where you really need cash and nothing else really matters, even the jobs you'd have to do just to get them. Makes your dreams seem like they should come later and money should come first when we know fully well it should be the other way around.

It's just the reality of things sometimes. Some people have the luxury of getting to do what they want at an early stage in life and for the rest of the bunch, finances have to be taken into account first. So for me right now, I'm with the rest of the bunch.

There are a few stages of career life that you can read over here and here if you want to know more.
But just to put it simple, I'd call this the suffering period. It's not so much about being depressed or anything like that, but more towards the suffering of not being able to do what you really want in your current predicament because... things aren't just all going your way for now. And you're on a mission to make things go your way.

The only thing we can do though, is to just grit it out, and after we're done, we can begin focusing on the part that really matters; turning our dreams into reality. And that to me, will be the period where we're finally rejoicing, like the part in life where we just found our eternal soulmate. Something like how Geo and Bart from JKFilms, the cutest couple I've seen in a very long time kinda got together.

Makes me reminisce all the perfect moments I had in my relationship.

Oh, and a quick doodle for the day to end the post.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Issues With Making Screenshots.

Sometimes, aren't you just tired of using PRTSCRN and exporting your images from MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop just to make them into useable jpeg files to be displayed for whatever?

Well, I've got a few solutions for you. It might take a little getting used to, but hey, if it's faster then exporting it to Photoshop or whatever, manually cropping it and all that, it should do just right won't it?

With that in mind, you've got Gadwin Printscreen. Super nifty tool. Makes my life a lot easier now. I can't even find an excuse not to screenshot things right not because it's just so easy to use!

Just click on the link and you should find yourself here.

Just get Gadwin PrintScreen. It works fine. Pro is necessary really.

*ok, I just found out you can't PRTSCRN when you go to the Gadwin options and setup upon clicking the icon after installation.

Anyways, you can tinker all your hotkey combos or default file destinations or file export type there to your liking. For me, it's Alt+PRTSCRN as the combo. And I change my folders on a monthly basis haha.

Then voila, you're done! Happy screenshotting ^^

Also, if you're a Chrome user, you can use this.

It helps a  great deal when you need to avoid stitching pages together and stuff like that.

See the options?

Capture Page Region is basically and on-site cropping tool.
Capture Visible Content is basically whatever you're supposed to see without your desktop toolbar below.
Capture Whole Page screenshots the entire page for you beginning from the topmost, down to the bottommost stretch. There's a catch though. It doesn't respond very well with flash websites. If you screenshot it anyways, the page will appear blank, and you'd get the backgroudn image of the webpage instead.
Capture Screen Region is basically capturing whatever you see on your comp screen according to your monitor resolution.

Aside from that, there's also this program for Chrome.

What this does is that it can do whatever the previous one can do, + extra features like videocam and rewriting an entire page from scratch by directly editing with it's encoded htmls. Very cool stuff.

So yeah, go try them out. Go on a screenie frenzy! XD

Anyhows, I hope this helps some of you out there! Say no to excess page stitching and waste of time from importing and exporting in Photoshop or anything similar to an image editing software. Wasting time on things we donwanna waste time just sucks balls man. So lets stop sucking haha.

Awright! Have a nice day. :)