Monday, February 25, 2013

Not Your Average Post

Watch this.

Done watching?

Now ctrl + a

‎"Get over it." 


They only have the luxury to say that just because they've lived a life devoid of all our problems. They don't understand shit about people who spent their entire life dealing with bullies. They expect you to be strong when they leave you alone to fend for yourselves. 

This is what "friends" are today. To them, you're just a convenient conversation piece. At the end of the day, you're just as neglectable as miniscule ants.

But it's true. Because not everyone can devote time to save one emotionally fragile soul. Because even if they did, it might not work because we're all so shitbound to hell by our own echoing suicidal thoughts.

They want us to believe the bullies were wrong. Oh how we wished they'd just phrase them differently, or took a different approach.

We just needed some encouragement. A little patch to a graze. Being left alone and ignored is as good as being desolate itself. What's the difference then if all friends choose to be like this?

Stop this madness. Stop it today. Say something nice to someone. Give someone a hug. Choose not to ignore. Why does it have to take so much effort to be humane you ask? 

Because destructiveness is a quaint trait all humans are born with. Bullies destroy others. Depressed individuals destroy themselves. And ignorance from everyone else allows this cycle to repeat.

Save someone today. Start by saving yourself from being a potential bully.

God Bless all the survivors out there. Took me 17 years to find it in myself to believe that they were all wrong. I hope your sentence will not be as long as mine.

Good day.

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