Thursday, February 14, 2013

?Peace of Mind?

Reassurance - The action of removing someone's doubts or fears:

Some people realize this, and some people don't, but insurance basically does that for you. It reassures you that you've got a backup plan should things go wrong. It's like your spare HDD for all those treasured files you've kept and hoarded over the past years that can make you feel at ease because you've already backed up everything should all hell break loose.

But sometimes, it could mean reassurance for future mishaps.

I mean, the 1. trees aren't gonna sound you if they feel like falling onto your car.

And 2. slippery floors don't give warnings on when you'd fall and break a bone.

Your body may have excellent reflexes, but 3. reflexes can't save you when you heading down after being thrown off balance.

I'm bringing this up because 1,2, and 3 happened to my mom before.

2nd and 3rd being the most recent. Happened in order too.

I left work around 12.40pm only to find that my mom just finished with her classic all-time family favourite dish, her own version of Mee Rebus.

yummy awesomeness gone not-so-terrific upon hearing my mom's condition.

It usually takes around 4-6 hours to prepare a meal enough for a family of 8 which can last for 3 meals, and by the picture, I think you can pretty much tell how awesome it is. Not to brag, but if my mom opened a stall to sell this dish, it'd be selling better than Rotiboy I tell ya.

So anyways, returning to where I was... I was already rushing for work, so I left without eating that awesome thing. I could tell my mom was trying very hard to make it ready for me before I left, but I just needed to go. I need to cycle for 20 minutes to reach my workplace. My brother offered to drive me and get me to eat up, but I recalled how terrible it was when I was driving the other time, so I told him not to.

I should remember to thank her later when she wakes up and tell her I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly.

On another note, work was rather quiet during the day, but it picked up at night. I remember my mom asking if I wanted the mee rebus sent over to me at my work place, and I forgot to mention where my workplace was.

Either way, in the evening, I found it a bit strange they never smsd nor called to confirm with me because usually they do if they ever need to bring something over and check if I'm having dinner outside. Only when I came back around 12am that I found out my mom actually broke her wrist to smitherens and that she was out the whole day getting herself a proper diagnosis.

I say smitherens mainly because part of her bones basically shattered inside. I'm not sure about the entire details, but she's in pain, and she had to endure a painstaking morbid afternoon waiting for the entire half-assed procedure to be over. She left around 1pm, came back at 6.30pm. Explains a lot about medical services in Malaysia.

Not to say they are bad or anything. I know government-funded medical facilities are subsidized and are way cheaper than regular ones, but still, 5 hours for just x-ray and diagnosis? Are you kidding me? Me getting a blood test took me 3 effing hours waiting in queue too. And that wasn't even a public government clinic!

Either way, I saw her wearing an arm sling. The normal triangular bandage one that RC greenhorns use for practice. Don't medical facilities have arm dressings? They sure must be that ill-equipped to give an arm sling made of triangular bandage. And from the way my brother (yeap, he's back from NS due to CNY break. Going back on 14th Feb) described the nurse who was tending my mom, she was barely competent enough to handle a patient. She didn't even do a basic rift knot right.

We citizens may not be all full-fledged first aiders, but we recognize sloppy and inexperience when we see one. And bitchplease, you NEVER take away ice from a closed wound, ESPECIALLY when it's aching like mad from internal injury.

My mom tried to claim from her Etiqa insurance, but it was denied because.. well, Etiqa just doesn't cover for injuries like this. It does however, cover for dismemberment be it partial or whole, big or small, disablement from partial to whole, and of course, death by random uberness. Thanks for trying Etiqa.

Well, at least now I know how covered I'd be if something ever happens to me in the future. Sometime I wonder if you're even a real insurance plan or just some bogus mid-tier get-some-returns-with-very-low-risk scheme.

So do I feel reassured about myself for having an Etiqa account that I pay RM80 monthly for? No.

Either way people, this isn't about Etiqa. At the end of the day, it's about removing that fear or doubt about your own safety and making sure that the rest of your kin are provided for should something really terrible happen to you. If whatever insurance plan you have can't give you that peace of mind, then you're basically not insured. Because if you're not insured psychologically, then you're as good as not insured at all.

So the next time if you're actually gonna get an actual insurance plan, or if you already have one, go ask your agent or customer service how well you're covered according to your insurance subscription plan. Don't ask them what, give them realistic scenarios and ask them how you'll be covered. Insurance agents are pretty sly. They often give you temporary answers that seeks to delay your focus to be able to distract you enough so that he or she can focus on selling a plan to you.

And after it's sold, whatever after service you're gonna get, you'd get it if you're lucky. If you aren't then, oh well, congratulations! You've been dumped, only that it isn't your girl or boyfriend.

*sigh* Sorry. Way to go to start Valentine's eh. I'm sure the saint never expected someone to slip while mopping the floor and breaking some bones in the process. Even if the operation is gonna cost 10k, I still understand that my mom simply mopped outta love for the family. Nobody would have guessed it'd happen just like that.

I mean, a tree really came down on my mom's car before too. The tree got struck by lightning or a gust of wind. Either way, it just had to fall on the already-miserable Kancil. My sister was driving that day... Man, just imagine the look of my mom's face when she heard about it from my sis herself.

Then, bunny hopping with a BMX can't be all that dangerous. With a little bit of practice, it should be working just fine. Who would've known the handles would put too much pressure on the wrist, turning it a few degrees sideways and casting the entire body off balance, causing the rider to fall on the knee and damaging the lingament...

...only to come back seeking treatment but falling down the second time on the same said knee with a slippery mat. My brother can never aggravate his knee again ever since. Meaning to say that he can't lift weight, jog for too long, do any strenuous jerks and jumps and whatever else activities that matches the same physical intensity to his knee.

Gyah, anyways enough of this. Happy Belated CNY and Valentines. Whatever already. Need to go and fetch my dad together with my bro later at 4.30am. Having my sister taking out my mom's car, which is the only car with P symbols isn't making matters any easier. And my spare P's having gone missing definitely adds more unnecessary spice to the current predicament. Oh well, let's just hope the cops don't get to us or anything.

What a day.

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