Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Suffer First, Rejoice Last

Tehee, new banner, you can go see the differences in my previous one if you want to lolz.

But anyways... to say that I did this out of pure random urge like the other time isn't very true. So, well, there's gonna be a long explanation ahead. Just so you know hehe.

Alright, so recently, a friend brought up an intriguing question. He asked me if we were slaves to money.

At that time, I didn't really think it through and kinda shrugged it off because he offered me a drive to work after our catching up yumcha session and he made me run late half an hour so...

Oh well, sometimes when you know you're gonna be running late, you just have to deal with it. I declined his offer for a ride in the beginning but he was pretty enthusiastic about it and kinda put me in a position where I couldn't decline. So.. sure, why not? Didn't know the roads would be in such a jam and that he'd forget his most important trip with his other half and forgot to pack his things up before coming. So yes, he ended up needing to make a pit stop at his place before I could actually touch down at the doorstep to my workplace.

After that, I revealed how I really felt about people driving me around to him and truth be told, I hate being driven around, both literally and metaphorically. On the literal side, one thing is because when you're the one on the passenger sit, you're under the discretion of the driver no matter how close or nice that person may be. And if shit hits the fan, I don't like pointing fingers at people for causing stuff to happen, like for instance, being late half an hour for work. ^

Because, my work ethic tells me that in the case of punctuality, there's just no excuse for it. It's either you reach on time or you just don't. What matters is whether you'd do whatever it takes to reach on time, or not.
So in my case, I'm at fault for not
a) declining his offer in the very beginning
b) convincing him to make the trip to his place later
c) not hurrying him in an urgent manner

When you look at any reason for being late, there's always a loophole for improvement or something you could do to stop it, and that's exactly why there can never be a reason for being late. Just excuses.

But if someone passed away or is in the emergency theatre (touch wood) then it's finally not an excuse. As ironic as it may appear to be, it's just like that lol.

I can relate to people who have things coming up out of the blue that causes them to be late, like a flat tyre when you're about to leave, no petrol, car breaking down and other kinds of stuff. It's really annoying when people tell you there's no excuse when you're late, but they're right more often than you are.

You could have always checked the car the night before, or just do a checkup everytime after you're done driving, left an hour earlier. But then again, not everyone has all the time in the world to do such things. And the people who say that to you probably can't do much about it themselves if it does happen. They just derive pleasure from rubbing in the salt where it hurts I guess haha.

To me, I'd personally rather be late half an hour jogging to work and be held accountable for my own sloppiness in time management then say, "Oh, I was out with Mr. Joe all morning and he kinda had to make a few stops before he could send me here." I dislike putting people in the red for me and I dislike the idea of people being in the red for me. If I'm gonna take a cannon shell in, I'd rather just sink alone then involve another ship and cause it to sink together with me all the way down into the darkest depths of the big blue sea.

The same rings through when I'm hanging out with friends. Sometimes, it's normal for this getups to have an unlimited, unconditional extension with time. And well, these days, it's kinda taboo to talk about your own worldly problems to other people; like if you have personal deadlines to attend to and they just go on like there's no tomorrow because they probably aren't in the same mindset or situation as you are.

The ones that usually really pisses me of is when people respond with the word, "chill." I mean, I know they mean well, but I really, really loathe the idea of a response that has no proper basis. If they said chill, and continued with another line to explain why I should chill, I'd probably not get hot so much.

Either way, I'm learning the right ways to excuse myself early from gatherings, and for cases like this, when I really do go out, I'd clear up my schedule for the entire day and give up on everything for the particular day.

Because for me, if I don't, I'd just end up hating everyone for not letting me work on what I should be doing and wasting my precious time having empty chatter lol. Makes it easier for me and I don't have to waste energy on getting upset unnecessarily. If it ends early, I'm cool. If it doesn't, well, that's the main reason why I have the whole schedule for the day cleared right? Normally I don't really tell anyone this, (or at least, worded it this way before) but yeah, since it's touching on the topic anyways, why not.

Oooooookay, lets just digress back to the topic at hand.

The answer to his question before is; as much as to my own dismay, yes we are all slaves to money.

For now that is.

I mean, I don't like it, but it's just the certain phase in life where you really need cash and nothing else really matters, even the jobs you'd have to do just to get them. Makes your dreams seem like they should come later and money should come first when we know fully well it should be the other way around.

It's just the reality of things sometimes. Some people have the luxury of getting to do what they want at an early stage in life and for the rest of the bunch, finances have to be taken into account first. So for me right now, I'm with the rest of the bunch.

There are a few stages of career life that you can read over here and here if you want to know more.
But just to put it simple, I'd call this the suffering period. It's not so much about being depressed or anything like that, but more towards the suffering of not being able to do what you really want in your current predicament because... things aren't just all going your way for now. And you're on a mission to make things go your way.

The only thing we can do though, is to just grit it out, and after we're done, we can begin focusing on the part that really matters; turning our dreams into reality. And that to me, will be the period where we're finally rejoicing, like the part in life where we just found our eternal soulmate. Something like how Geo and Bart from JKFilms, the cutest couple I've seen in a very long time kinda got together.

Makes me reminisce all the perfect moments I had in my relationship.

Oh, and a quick doodle for the day to end the post.

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