Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Embracing Ugly Me

"Love and appreciate who you are before you begin to do the same to someone other than yourself."  

Because there are always gonna be people who are gonna show you myriads of ways to despise yourself and before you can find someone who doesn't take you for granted, you'd have already ended up destroying yourself in the process. Don't let yourself miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity of experiencing what it's like to be having someone in your life who truly loves and appreciates who and what you are. So why not start by attempting to find it by being as true to yourself as you can be to others, then filter out the douchebags who dislike you for whatever they deem as fallibilities, and hook on to those who accept you as you are?

Maybe then, you'd find true friendship. Because if two people are truly friends, either doesn't have to ask permission from the other to be whoever they want to be. Lets just say for an example, if one was gay, and he wanted to come clean about it, what does getting his friend's approval mean anyways? If you're really friends, he'd totally tell you that it's not a big deal and it shouldn't be a cause for any concern to the friendship at all. If he actually raises a fuss about it, that's a good sign to start staying away and keeping your distance. You're worth more than that. Find someone who appreciates you for who you really are.

People should be loving you, for who you are; not for who you are going to be or can be for people. I mean, what's the point of putting on a good show of your best behaviour when in the end, that best of you isn't you, but its that everyday you that's truly you?

The person who sleeps in late till noon, leaves the bed undone, snores like a pig, drools like one too, is cranky during the first few moments of consciousness, is nocturnal, and doesn't feel the need to dress well all the time. Sooner or later, your facade of whatever best you can put up will fade away as your true self takes over. When that happens, that's when you'll know if you really have any friends who appreciate who you are.

Don't stop being yourself, and don't ever allow yourself to be taken for granted ever again. And of course, the most important of all would be to never allow yourself to be living a lie.

In this world, there'll always be the person who chases after something, and the one who waits patiently for it. I'm done doing the chasing for the past 4 years. So I'm going to set myself free from the shackles of wistful thinking and begin clinging onto real hope, chances and opportunities I've once turned down due to my false mistaken ideals and beliefs.

I'm a free man today, and will always continue to be henceforth *fingers crossed*. Ugly or not, this is me, and it's high time I start loving myself properly. Because if I don't then who will? In the very least, I've gotta take good care of myself until my patient waiting pays off aye?

No. Even when it pays off, I shouldn't stop taking good care of myself. Because really, how can you be certain someone loves you when you don't even love who you are? That... well, I'm sure we all have ways to sort them out on our own.

Till then, thanks for reading. And my work is extended till the 31st of march due to some miscommunications with my boss. So.. yeap, there's that. Have fun, enjoy.

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