Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Never Leave A Patient Unattended For Checkups

Now I understand why is it so important for a patient to not go for checkups alone.

Things happen sometimes. And believe me though, things happen.

Sometimes, the patient may just fall and undo all the recovery that has been achieved thus far, only to know that another surgical operation is needed.

And other times, maybe the patient might meet up with an idiot of a doctor, who also so happens to be the surgeon who made the surgery happen, who did a "thorough" check up and created the same implication the aforementioned fall would.

My mom was the patient. And this happened at University Hospital.

She already had a wristplate implanted within her arm to hold her bones together for optimum recuperation and sturdy support for the bones. The smartass had to make her move her arm needlessly, and forced her armed into extreme bending positions. I wasn't there to oversee, 'cause if I did, I'd have stopped it.

Because you know what happened after?

My mom complained that she could feel the wristplate jutting out towards another zone in her arm and it feels utterly uncomfortable, in addition to the burning sensation she was having.

When she got Even before she got checked by the Chinese physician, her arm was fully inflamed, swollen and appeared crooked.

How did that happen you ask?

Ask that dumbass surgeon.

For fucks sake, you don't want people to bend your leg after you've just finished healing from a broken limb do you? Take maybe bending your back after a spinal operation. Or someone asking you to bite into an apple right after your mandible surgery, just to see how your pain threshold is.

Requests like those are preposterous and you have every right to not allow that to happen to you or your loved ones. And this is basically the shit I don't agree with modern medicine. They always have no clue about finding what's exactly wrong about you, and they have to screen you through all the fucked up pain tests to find out what's "possibly" wrong with you. It's not even free and it takes up a lot of time.

This is the part where I wish more oriental medicine practitioners aren't lying scumbags. There are good ones out there, and there are the phonies, which run rampant in Malaysia. They have the power and knowledge to trace back to the roots of your problems and treat the source of them, where modern doctors can't and just focus on relieving symptoms, which is basically the scope of their job.

If you ask me where my belief lies about modern medicine, basically I just can't allow myself to trust doctors anymore. And the only way for me to avoid them in my entire lifetime is to keep myself healthy and well.

Anyways, I tried inquiring about my rights in regards to what can be done about that doctor's irresponsible actions, but it seems that I can never get to him about this. Whatever it is, how can he even forget to give her an x-ray after what he did to her arm? What the fuck man.

So to speak, he's just untouchable. All I can do now is to make sure I'm always there for my mom and that no matter what, I must never ever let her see that idiot surgeon again.

And to think that he showed the procedure to all his medical students, made my mom writhe in pain, allowed them to make her a laughing stock, and deemed it to be correct practice in modern medicine is just asking for me to just put a fist through his teeth.

But I can't do anything right? If I file a report, there's no proof that the idiot doctor did it (because we don't have that x-ray after that checkup), therefore making him invincible to law. If I go there to talk to him about it, he's got the power to deny, deny, and deny. If I picked a fight with him, I'd be the only person in trouble, and he'd have the means to put me behind bars.

Till now, I'm asking myself what'd have transpire if my father just followed my mom to do it after already sending her to the hospital. Or if she told me, I could in the very least accompany her and this wouldn't happen. Everyone is to blame for the damage to her arm now.

Anyways, since you're already reading this, just don't make the same mistake of negligence I do in the future. Always be cautious and don't think that work is more important that family. Family is everything, and will always be number 1. If it isn't, I donno man, your priorities has gotta be pretty screwed up, and I can only offer you my pity.

Because one has to be living a very sad life to not know what it means to put family before anything else.

Hope my mom's recovery still goes as planned. Her medical leave is ending in less than a week.

And to you aspiring doctors out there. PLEASE DON'T BE SO FUCKING CARELESS.

Good day, thanks for reading, and wish my mom all the best.

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