Sunday, April 07, 2013

Crouching Question, Hidden Answer

If you're thinking about the crouching toilet bowl... then yes,
you didn't hit too far off. Why? I donno, I'm 22 in 2013 and I'm
still not sure of the answer myself haha.... Figures.

But, I mean, really, all your life, have you ever wondered which exactly
is the right position? Whether your body should really be facing the 
hole or away from it? Maybe you never thought about it before.

Hell, I never did until recently so...

Anyway, technically speaking, if you follow the design of the regular sitting
toilet bowl, and... well, how our common sense perceives it, it should be the 
body facing away from the hole. You can't really sit facing towards the 
hole for the sitting bowl. Unless if you're looking to fall into some really 
deep shit, pun intended.

So why the difference with the crouching bowl? I donno, maybe because
you have the freedom to crouch however you want and not fall into deep
shit for as long as you've got a pair of strong and healthy limbs.

You can treat the above question as a rhetoric. Not that I ever ask questions
that really demand any answers anyways.

Speaking of questions, lets move to a different issue, about blogging in general.
I don't really remember what made me think through about this particular issue,
but I just started researching it on a whim about a month or so ago.

And if you've got time to kill spare, below are my exact search queries.

" are bloggers attention whores "

There were 2 articles that caught my eye on the first page after a little
self-screening through the wall of texts, and I'm quite glad to know
that they really do deserve to be on the first page.

So if you'd like to, you can read up on Hey, I'm Blogging! Pay Attention to Me!
and Am I A Whiny Attention Whore.

Getting back to the issue at hand, are bloggers attention whores?

I don't think so. I didn't think so.
Until I came upon a certain line that reads

It's a "Well, I'll just blog about the events in my life instead of picking up the phone, and the people who truly care about me will take the time to read it." 

And whaddya know. It felt like Mjolnir struck through my cranium once more
I felt like I got caught red-handed in my own delusions.

So yes, bloggers are lumped into a certain category of attention whores.

But I guess what really separates us bloggers from being the true ultimate social
nemesis and just those who're blogging just... for whatever reason, is how severely
they want or need a huge mass of religious followers for their blog, put beside the
cause or mission statement of their blog, like how Najib needs us to vote for BN.

Well, there are both good and bad blogs apparently. Like how some attentions are
meant to be given where some are not.

Mine is probably put into the bad basket by default since it's just random a pile of
everyday ramblings, as opposed to good blogs in which, I believe, contain reads that
are far more well-constructed, captivating and inspiring with their insights about a
particular subject, which are either very informative or moving in nature.

Such traits of course requires no explanation when you do come across one.

So with that said, what is my mission statement for the existence of this blog?
I guess... there's really nothing much to it. I really do just recollect memories
of past events in my life and post them up here and see if there are actually
people who care enough to actually take time to read it.

But aside from acknowledging that fact, I always tell myself this too:

If I ever lose my memories where I can't figure out my own password or who I am;
my past, the people I knew, everything that made me me or who I was, then if someone 
was close enough to me, they could always point me to the right direction and lead 
me back to where I've put down most of my thoughts, my blog, if they knew about it.

Maybe it's just an excuse for some people. But heck, you'll never know what can
happen right? So I'd like to think of blogs as forms of  memory insurances.

I mean... you could put up a comparison with this and Facebook. But really, I mean
really, could you even bear going through all the random status updates that has
no particular cause or origins as to where they might have even come from?

I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg and his team of committed and passionate individuals are
striving to make Facebook the best social network thing, period, even as you read this,
but till then, it's still a norm to know that if you're looking to dive into a wall of text, then
you'd usually go to a blog, not someone's profile page on Facebook.

Because to be quite frank, pictures and activities aside, Facebook does nothing more
than offer us a really surface and superficial outlook on others' lives, not to mention our
own. I mean, look at Facebook, do you even find properly written logs there these days?
It's just so infested with share this share that, help this help that bla bla bla, etc.

Just when did being bored and sharing random amusing stuff all the time began to be
a trend anyways? It's just odd to think that wasting time is so in now. If it was still the
90's, we'd get an earful from our parents or elders just from being this way.

But well, whaddya know, it's already 2013, 2 decades after. Who am I kidding right?

That aside, another reason for this blog... would be to hopefully somehow help someone
somewhere in the process by sharing my thoughts out. I must admit though sometimes
it creates the opposite effect instead even when I don't mean it, but... if you're always
afraid of speaking your thoughts, then what's the point of having thoughts in the first
place, right?

There was a quote somewhere that sounds something similar to:
Words unspoken are treasures to keep to be given to the right people with the right amount of generosity at the right tick of time.

I'm pretty sure it's a lot shorter, probably got it from a friend's blog ages ago.
But if anything, I really think that the whole purpose that line exists is to let us
know to not really keep everything bottled up inside, but to filter and refine the
thoughts we want said until it's really in its pristine diamond-like form, and then
convey it to the ones who need that diamond most, even when sometimes they
don't even know whether they need it or not.

The timing... the timing. I'm pretty sure fate has a lot to do with the efficacy
of timing. But we have to take into consideration that we won't always be there for
anyone all the time. And it's a pretty modern world now. If someone needs
answers for something when their dearest buddies aren't available, they can
always Google it up right?

Of course, this is assuming that most people in general these days already know
the true power of Google, which I highly doubt. Even I didn't until really recently.


But the above thought sure sounds a lot better than having a good thought, waiting
to be told to the right person at the right time, but the right person or the right
time never came at the same time no matter how long you patiently waited and
you just end up taking those bottled thoughts to your own grave, to be your
own version of buried treasure.

What a way to go huh?

Think about it, when that person was around, you weren't, when something came up,
that person wasn't around, when you've met that person at the right time, you weren't
free, etc. So the words end up being left unsaid despite all the amount of time you had
put into refining the idea, which is pretty sad.

Of course, you can always call, text, skype, e-mail, whatever. But if everything that
makes that person available to you just wasn't working, then what other options do
you have? Wait another day and let an opportunity of a lifetime slide through your fingers?

Think of it like preparing an important party for someone for the past 6 months, only
to find out that he couldn't make it, or you needed to be elsewhere on that very day,
or someone just crashed your party and made it a huge mess.

It's frustrating I tell you.

While I'm confident there are myriads of other comparisons that could be used,
but you can't deny that you've been reading quite a bit until here. So.. yeah, I'm
pretty sure we can skip those.

But if you ever feel like sharing your examples with the world, then there's always
the various kinda of social media platforms for you to take advantage of, not forgetting
the old school ones like the family message board or your college's weekly column.

I donno about you, but I just think that good thoughts need to be shared around
just like how love needs to be spread all over. If not, it's such a huge waste of
intellectual resources. After all, our brain can on hold so much at any one given
time. If you're gonna forget it sooner or later, at least make a hard copy of the
existence of the idea first right?

Seriously, stop giving Alzheimer's so much credit. Fight it for real for a change.

Anyways, enough with rhetorics. More importantly, as a blogger; as a regular human
being; as a social creature, am I looking for acceptance after all?

Of course I am! It's great to find people who think alike.

But if I don't, it's alright.

If I do, then it's great.

I mean, finding people who think alike is one thing. The same people having the benefit
of being friends is another thing altogether. I'm pretty sure if all of us lived long enough,
we'd know eventually that friendship needs more than just common interests or opinions.

In fact, I think those two things score last on the top 10 things a friendship needs.

But y'know, at least we know that when a good idea is being passed around, then that
idea isn't doomed to never seeing daylight ever right? So much for being treasures when
left unsaid haha.

Think about it, has the line "and I thought I was the only person who thought this way. 
Weird." ever came to you before? If it did, then you probably know what I'm talking about.
If you don't, well, it's alright. This post won't be going anywhere for a long time haha.

You can never go wrong with making people feel like they are not alone in this world
can you?

Unless if you're talking about ill-intentions then... oh, God bless the world then. I mean
really, to think that someone out there can think of things like she could get bombed
in her own school, causing the following adverse effects:

I die, you die, everybody die.'s pretty amusing really.

Anyways, yes, thanks for bearing with me this long. I hope you gained something
from your time spent here haha. Till next time.

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