Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Life is at a reset for me now.
It's not like time turned back or anything.

But I'm starting fresh again, which is a great relief.

I've already finished my last day with my previous employment last Sunday.
So now it's time for me to set things right where I couldn't before.

I also paid for a new laptop, but there are some minor complications with it,
so it'll only be arriving in 2 weeks time. After that, then maybe I can start going
hardcore with everything I wanna do.

What model you're wondering? Hmm.... It's an Asus G74XS with a few upgrades.
I got it just specifically for the cooling capabilities other than the fact that it should
be able to run the programs I wanna run without a hassle (try opening 3000 x 4000
pixels at 300 dpi with Photoshop.) and some occasional gaming.

I'm always not too savvy with the in-depth stuff regarding computer components,
but I hope my research and asking around has gotten me what I need.

Here are the current specs just in case you were wondering.


- Intel Core 2nd Geni7 2670QM , 2.2GHZ
- RAM : 8GB + 8GB 
- Hard Disk : 1.5TB ( 750GB + 750GB )
- Windows 7 Premium
- Graphic Card : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560M 3GB GDDR5

And of course, it's 2nd hand. There'll come a day where I'd actually buy a brand new
one that can last me 5-10 years depending on what I do with it. But I'm pretty sure
that day won't be today or anytime soon, so yes, 2nd hand it is.

Anyways, the money is already paid, and changes can't be made now. But if
you do have some insight on what I could use for upgrades on a later date,
I'd be glad to hear your feedbacks, if any.

My main computer usage will always be the entire range of Adobe applications,
especially Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

Might delve into Lightbox, Maya and Z-Brush later.

Yeap. This is a rather short update, but thanks for checking up on me.

So... yeah, till next time.

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