Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Day of Labour

Happy Labour Day!

(I'm sure a lot of you are. Iron Man 3 was booked everwhere within a 20km radius. Even if there were seats, they were only first front 2, at most. You people are just too pro.)

Anyways, I'm fortunate enough to have already watched Iron Man 3 so.. I'm gonna give an ending spoiler here. THERE... is something after the credits. Just wait out the credits after 5 minutes, and you shall be enlightened.

And gosh, if any of you have seen Iron Man 3, you'd definitely not miss that Tunetalk advert starring our very own local J. Lo being... superbly ironic. You'll understand the pun when you see it. Though I can't find any uploads of it so far on Youtube, so spare RM14 and watch a movie kay? Hope it gets out soon though. It's mighty funny lol. So sad I can't share it with the world. If only I sneaked in my camcoder lolz.

I'm in a very good mood today I guess.

Because 3 nice things happen to me earlier. And I shall recount them.
*warning, 3 happenings might not be parallel to the equal quantity of images I'll be putting in.

First up, my darling honey-bun is finally here at long last, bless mother mercy of a month's worth of tormenting wait. I must admit, I found the seller's photo in the laptop and I didn't expect him to look... so attractive. Despite the poor sales history for this particular item, and his somewhat irritable voice over the phone, it's still a great merchandise so.. Okay, nevermind ignore my gay moment.

Now, my geek moment. THIS LAPTOP IS SO FRIGGIN FAST. It came in with some hi-tier games in which I'd reckon he didn't uninstall. I tested them and they were flawless, no lags. Mighty awesome. Finished installing my software and it's a good to go work station. Only trouble now is a minor itsy-bity detail.

I'll.. post that up some other time. It's a happy day today! I shall grief another day!

Now, on to the second item!

Good riddance, finally clearing the pile of horror below my table. And I must say... I was really really embarassed to see my old works. It's no wonder I didn't wanna touch them. I just couldn't believe I even did half of them. Out of like hundreds of them, I only pulled out a handful of maybe 5-7 artworks, so.. yeah, that says a lot methinks.

During the entire flabbergasting cleanup, I also found a certain book called Majoring In Success. I've always wanted to return it to it's rightful owner, but whaddya know, I mistook it for being missing when it was under the overbearing presence of a tower of books for 3 long years! So.. yes, you owner, if you want it back, gimme a ring, and I'll also toss in a free The Cricket In Times Square, if you know what I mean.

And last but not least, third item!
Ok.. wrong match, but whatever, finally rearranged the bottom. No more 2 tier frontal clutter to block me legs from swinging freely making karate kicks in mid-air.

Other than that.... I met with my client today. Working on an album cover for him. I'll post it up when it's done. Gonna meet again next Monday.

Oh oh, the third item was supposed to be a Shining Pikachu that appeared outta nowhere after being hunted down for a very long time. Glad to find it after such a long time. Petted it a great deal once I caught it uhuhuhuhuhu. Duh, of course it's a euphemism. Figure it out yourself lol.

Boy, am I hyper today. WOHOOOO!


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