Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Killer Date With Sality

I guess I almost lost my soul to Sality last Thursday when she decided to mess with my entire external storage device. What I did to her? Oh, I brutally murdered her patiently for 10 hours alright. I'll get to that in just a bit.

And to Major Douchebag, who so happens to might have stumbled onto this peculiar warp in cyberspace by some slim chance, lemme just show you proof that the computer I got from you indeed was running amok with Sality babes.

Yeah, just look at those values. Pretty awesome indeed. It definitely got bigger after it infected my hard drive. But to make things short, I murdered every single one of them slowly and painfully.

How to do it? Well, you might wanna try Google and search the queries
my files are hidden due to virus

But well, if you're feeling lazy (who isn't anyways) there are two solutions.

This one doesn't eliminate the virus. It just helps you unhide your folders so that you can somewhat move them to a safer virus-free location. Whether or not that process would infect your com while the data is transferring or not, well, I don't really know. AVG seemed to have guarded my other com very well in this case so.. yeah.

This one gave me the idea on how to kill Sality. So before I knew Sality was Sality, I ran my virus scan and found the code name for her. Then I just copy-pasted it on Google + removal and there it was. The answer to your salvation.

And of course, if you're lazy again, just click here. Download that Hannibal and watch him do his midnight magic. Just pray that there won't be a blackout when that happens, because Hannibal sure takes his time killing his victims. And you donwanna rely on your laptop battery indefinitely until it fails you, because it will fail you, and you're gonna cry again.

And... that's that. Just wait till the virus cleaning is complete. Then meanwhile, you can run your regular antivirus software as well in the background, to target the trojan horses and worms and whatever else that doesn't have a sassy name as Sality. Make sure it's a total sweep and you start with a clean slate again.

Oh, and coming from personal experience, just in case you went into a rage fit and did something stupid during your panic state like delete all the shortcuts in your folders, well, if you wanna restore the folders, try reconnecting that hard disk/usb with the infected computer that wasn't cleaned up yet. It should restore the shortcuts which would then alllow you to do the first two steps shown in the first 2 links.

If you cleaned up already, then just try the first 2 links. If it doesn't work, then get unhide. Things should be back to normal after that. If it isn't... well, just keep searching and keep asking people you know who are technologically savvy. Most people told me my hard disk was toast and I could never save it. If not, then they'd give me the usual overused obvious routes like running an anti-virus, which doesn't really work and is really frustrating, because they'd always continue with the sarcastic sympathetic lines that'd just make you itch to give them a good elbow.

Some techies friends gave me some good pointers too. But alas, much as to my dismay, they didn't work. So when all hell breaks loose, just believe in your conviction and keep tinkering until you get it back to normal.

Yes, I cried for 2 whole days, but I cracked the issue. I just decided that it wasn't worth it to give things up like that as I simply can't allow 2 years of hard work to vanish just like that. And I most certainly not want to pay RM800 for data recovery services. Even my Buffalo hard disk doesn't cost that much.

Well, if you're reading this, just be careful when your handle second hand computers kay? Don't use your only backup storage device and connect it to that comp when you're not even certain if it's clean yet. Try with a USB first and test the waters. At least even if there is collateral then, it's just the USB, not your entire 1 TB of sttuff.

And never trust a default anti-virus software that comes with the bundle. Most of those anti-virus are blind to the true threats in your pc, and they can't detect them no matter how many time you run the anti-virus scan until you get a reliable one. AVG's good, but it's extras are starting to annoy me shitless.

Whatever you do, if you're installing AVG, just make sure you don't install using recommended settings. Install custom and remove the Toolbar, Safesearch and whatever else hackjob apps they're gonna give free to you. Trust me, just do it.

Other than that... well, thanks for reading. I hope this helped you somehow. Enjoy your day.

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