Thursday, May 30, 2013

And.. Returning Back To Life

I was at Gerik, Perak yesterday. Today, my house is like this because of a break in.

Dad's Room

Bro's room

My.. box of randoms

And amidst all the chaos at home, look what Jesus did for me.
He protected my pedestal, my life, my everything! (Yes, even my HDD was here. Good thing I was painting the day before I left to Gerik, because if I wasn't, I'd have left the HDD with my new laptop, which is now under Najib's magic of disappearing.)

Aih, life sucks la. I had to wait 1 and a half month and ask my ex to bring the laptop back for me from Johor only to find that it's charitable goods for the... needy. Even my ang pow money worth RM400's all gone.

But whatever. I can type this blogpost today here at home. So.. mustn't be too bad I guess.

My mom's room isn't in the images above. It looks the worst though.

And to everyone living near SS5, don't go for vacations anytime soon. 5 houses got broken in already this whole week. So.. keep your guards up.

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