Thursday, May 09, 2013

PTPTN Loan Repayment

It's actually easier than I thought. Gosh, to think that I was planning to visit
the HQ just to enquire about paying the loan when that service is already
provided at your account. Here, I'll walk you through if you're somewhat
like me before this.

And if you already know your loan ID, you may follow this one instead.

If you don't, then just do this:
Go to PTPN home.

I donno why the icon isn't loading.
Anyways, just click the one next to e-sspsn-i
After clicking it, it should take you here.
Just key in your ic. no. and hit Semak, then click that Penyata thingy.
And you should be at the login page.

If you have no idea what your password is, call 03 2080 4455
to reset. Just put in your ic, choose the option for Pembiayaan Balik,
then hit 0 for operator. The operator who serviced me was very nice,
so don't be nervous about it. They ain't gonna eat you up through the phone.
Once you go in, hit the Penyata Baki link.
This page should appear.

And as you can see, I already paid RM50. To pay back, simply hit
the Bayaran Balik melalui FPX link.

Put in you desired amount and hit the Bayar button. It should take
you to a merchant site after you follow up with Teruskan.

For my case, I signed up my SSPN account thing with CIMB. So I used
CIMB Clicks. I tried but it kinda hanged on me on the
loading screen. Oh, and it is highly advisable that you enter your e-mail
address to receive transaction status. Just don't delete them when you're
clearing your junk e-mails. When they send those transaction statuses for you,
you can skip printing those statuses for personal documentation referencing by
just saving them all in your e-mail. Less paperwork, less fuss for you.

Anyways, if you're also using CIMB Clicks like me, I'll walk you through it
too I suppose.

If you don't have a CIMB Clicks account, go to a nearby CIMB Bank/ATM and create one.
All you have to do is just register at the ATM and stuff then get your e-Pin. If you encounter
a problem during your CIMB adventure, just call their hotline @ 1300-880-900. The
operator should help sort things out for you.

Once all that is settled, just proceed accordingly from the Merchant Portal onwards.
The only problem you'd have to face after that is the inability to click on a button
that says request TAC.

When that happens, call the hotline and ring the operator. She'll reset your TAC for you.

Click on Settings and go to My Data. When you change your phone number, key in
your new preferred mobile number, then after that, it'd automate a TAC to your
mobile device when you hit the request TAC.

Once this is done, go back to your Merchant Portal and finish up.

Once everything is done, this page should show up,
And you should receive the e-mail thingy too.

After that, go back to your Penyata Baki and your loan balance should be
deducted according to the amount you've paid.

Aight, that's that. Not so hard right? Well, happy loan repayment I guess haha.
And I'd suggest a minimum of RM50 per month to reduce the ujrah costs per-annum.
I got hit around RM160 after leaving the account idle for a year lol. Once you have
more purchasing power, then you can pay more and reduce your loan repayment
schedule to break free from this financial obligation once and for all. After all, who'd
want to be on the blacklist eh?

Have a nice day.


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