Friday, May 17, 2013

Taking A Break From Cyber Life

With FB in particular.

These days, it seems as if I'm just waiting for something to happen.
And it's starting to make me feel like shit.

Being on FB doesn't exactly help me destress anyways. Being
away from it should do me some good anyhow.

I'm already done with the 2 commissions I was working on already anyways.

I gotta unplug man.

This is for an album commission. Sorry about the watermark. It's gonna be used for something that's gonna
be mass produced. Gonna have to make it annoying for people to steal in the very least haha.

This is for a Magic card token. Same watermark disclaimer shit.

And I got a new basketball!
Been shooting hoops like mad, so much so that one other time,
I kept shooting hoops until the tip of my fingers got lacerated lolz.

I was trying to shoot 100 hoops. I didn't know a simple endeavor that
began at 7.45 am would have ended at 9.50 am. But what pissed me off
wasn't me taking so much time, but only managing to make 84 shots out of
my initial goal to do 100, then throwing in because my finger hurt too much
to throw. Pffft.

Zzzz. I'll beat it later. Stupid hoop. And after that incident, I only do 100 tries
at any one time. I don't want my hooping hobby to become a problem with
my artistic interests anymore lolz.

My average is terrible. Out of 100 shots, my best was just 21/100.
The past few days has been 18, 16, 14, 17 and etc. I don't really
bother to record it down if I don't hit at least 20/100.

And from the looks of this data, I guess I did at least... 900 shots
that other time. It's no wonder my fingers were squirming in pain.

Anyways, since I'm gonna be taking some time off for a bit, I might as well just recount
a few other things that I've wanted to do and did.

  1. I finally found out how to pay the PTPTN loan.
  2. I finished clearing the debris below my table and got my new computer!
  3. & cleaned it up real thoroughly...
  4. made up with my ex and decided to keep in touch.
  5. finished the aforementioned commissions
  6. reconnecting to a certain few people.
And I guess there's that. I actually thought of posting daily about what I do
and stuff. But I thought it to be ridiculous, since nobody has all the time in
the world to keep looking through separate individual posts of the same thing.

I mean, look at LonelyReload. I admire his enthusiasm, but after a while, I just
got lazy along the way to even read his posts now. So much for my 365 plan eh.

But I'll figure something out that's not so tiring for you and me.

Ah right, I almost forgot that I also cleaned up my blog followings.

Anyways, there's that. If any of you needs to reach me, my contact details
are on Facebook as per usual. Just don't FB me and expect me to reply
within a week lol. If you need something, just call me. Don't be shy. I can
only bite you in person, not over the phone or through a digital conversion of text.

K. Bye, for now. I'll be back, whenever.

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Joey said...

hihihihihihihii have a good time byebyebyebyebyebyebye ahahahhhahahahaha