Thursday, July 25, 2013

Keen 2 Cycle

This post is gonna be longer than usual because I'm gonna be reviewing 3 different bicycle shops nearby my place at Kelana Jaya.

If you're reading this, happen to be thinking about getting a bike, and lives somewhere accessible to Sunway Pyramid, you can give this bicycle shop a go. I've been terrible with luck during the past 2 months when it comes to my bicycle. But I'm so grateful for their good service that I really just want to give them a little shout out here. They deserve it anyways.

I'll get to that story in a bit. But before that, I wanna do a little bashing.

You see, I was a loyal customer to Fook Sang in SS1, Sungai Way ever since I purchased my black bike from them in Form 3. After being in their service for more than 6 years, I can't help but notice a change in attitude towards me and all the other customers in general. Namely the ones who come back for petty repairs.

Very pimped up web layout.

When my brother first introduced Fook Sang to me, that shop was great. Friendly people, nice workers, good service and most of all, they carry some of the cheapest replacements parts in all of KJ. 3 years or so later, they started being bitches, arrogant and picky to all the customers. The price raise of parts is understandable. But with that, they also began treating all us petty customers like unwelcome flies to a dinner table and would only give a shit to customers that spend RM4k and above for their premium merchandises.

That, I cannot understand.

So I approached my brother about the issue, and he told me that they have already opened a new outlet somewhere else, and the business there is booming. I mean, it's great and all to see people successful, but it really irks me to see how much a little wealth can turn such great people I once knew into despicable money-minded assholes. I guess they believe that when they have money and success, they can begin to give less of a fuck to customers who don't give them much profit to their business.

Because whatever it is, my brother was treated no differently than I was. We were both given poor service, and even poorer attitude.

Sure, it's not wrong to be a little picky when it comes to business. We all wanna earn a living. And we wanna focus on the good customers that gives us a good boon. By all means, focus on those good deals you can get. But please for fuck's sake, don't treat those who aren't within your focus group like dipshits.

What irritates me the most is how so much people cling onto FookSang for their services just because they really have nowhere else to go to when it comes to a nearby bicycle shop. All those elder folks, the foreign maids and labour workers, they kept going back to them because they're the most accessible bicycle shop around. They've already got such a great thing going for them in terms on location feng shui, but they just had to screw it up with poor service and crappy attitude with a dash of overloading cockiness.

Well, good for you FookSang. You can continue to do just that. I'll just make sure I never stop by your shop again and I'll spread the truth of your service to everyone I know, beginning with this blogpost. Because honestly speaking right now, your service stinks just as bad as your cockiness. And sooner or later, the other patrons will realize this, and they'll know you for who you really are.

We'll see how you manage with just your premium customers alone in the future.

One of the many reasons why I hate the idea of having too much money. We all need money to live in civilized grounds, but seeing money rot people to the core with their greed and lust for power is just so dumb. And sometimes it scares me so much that sometimes I ask myself, "what good would it be if I had shitloads of money if I'd just turn into the likes of them?"

Mahatma Ghandi once said something very insightful, and I quote him:

"There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics."

Business without ethics

Anyways, that's just that about FookSang. If any of you out there are still going to them for services, just open your eyes wide and see what's happening. You can choose to stick with them or not after you do that. Who knows, maybe they have a certain biasedness towards you and even though they treat everyone else like crap, they treat you like VIP. Good for you then. Don't let this post change your mind. If they treat you like VIP, just suck off everything you can from their goodwill. You earned it somewhat anyways, so might as well.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now, this isn't a bash. I'm just pointing out that a bicycle shop in SS2 exists. They carry Merida bicycles and on their website, they're called NgeeCycle. You shouldn't miss them if you know where that corner mamak across Taman Bahagia LRT station is. They're situated in the same row, a little further up, next to Bosch.

This bicycle shop is actually the closest one to my place. But the one reason that repels me away from them is the fact that they are really hardcore on selling high-end bicycles and bicycle parts. Their customer demographic range is just like that, and this is where I, as a customer don't really fit in I guess. Because I'm not looking for such bicycles and parts, I'm just looking for something good enough. (and I won't mind paying for in the case I hit a nail on the ground or got rammed by a motorcycle)

But despite their obnoxious pricing, their service is good, and even more so with their product quality. So I know I can rely on them to fix anything urgent if I had some extra cash to spare in my wallet. And I definitely won't have to return for quite some time if I did do my repairs there.

However, please be wary of the staff's tendency to always upsell everything. They all behave somewhat like direct salesman who always opt to sell the highest priced items first. You need a little getting used to talking down their upselling before you have access to their cheaper regular merchandises. And if you're a bicycle noob that has no bicycle background whatsoever, oh well, be prepared for a good quality con haha.

The only thing that bugs me shitless about this decent place is the fact that they don't carry any regular bicycle tubes as part of their stock. They only sell those with that weird valve opening that you can't use to pump at petrol stations or a regular pump, unless you get it's head adapter that costs RM5.

Those tubes have an added advantage of losing air a lot slower though. Whether it actually justifies it's RM18 pricetag where a normal one only costs RM12 is highly debatable though. Because accessibility is very important, and when I don't have my backpack where I keep the adapter I spent RM5 on, I'm just pretty much screwed all the way back home or until I luck into a nearby bicycle shop.

With that being said, they are not bad. Just...well, you'll know if you pay them a visit.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now, back to the story I mentioned above before all the bashing. I first found these two brothers, Yoon & Soon one day when my bicycle's tyres went flat on my way to college in Sunway. I remember them, being very humble and always earnest with what they do, and I'm glad to know that they still are today, despite all the aesthetic upgrades they've done to their shop.

I've been going back to them all the time ever since I bought my first bike from them last April, and it was the best bicycle decision I've ever had. Because after those frequent visits, the two of them appeared to be a lot better people than how I originally remembered them.

The brothers only run the store with just the two of them, so they deal with everyone directly. When it's busy with customers, they will always give priority to the ones who came first, regardless of status. And they know the right way to make other customers wait. They don't neglect anyone, and when you deal with them, you can feel that they genuinely want to make life better for you with your bike. It's something I haven't felt in my many years of cycling. I mean, I was with Fook Sang after all.

During the past 2 months, the bike I bought from them has been giving me it's share of menstrual cycles. And boy, the costs aren't cheap. My tyres went flat about 3 times, the 3rd one being the worse as it happened on the day where I went to Digital Mall to get a new 2GB RAM for my com. That day was just plain bad. The guys at C-Zone there were all being so incompetent and slow that I just can't help but to think how much more my day could be any worse. And then they double charged my debit card. How in the world would that happen with a debit card in the first place?

Anyways, I'm glad Maybank did return the cash to me after all when I had to call up their customer service who only picked up after 15 minutes, and told me about the news 10 minutes later. But despite all the crap I've been through that Tuesday, I'm glad to know that the 2GB RAM I got made all the difference in my com's performance. It was really worth going through all those pesky annoying mutts on the way.

Oh, yeah, I got chased by dogs as I walked my way back home, pushing my bicycle along. Usually I shrug strays away through ignorance, but I was in such a pissed off mode at the time that when those dogs started tailing me and began barking furiously, I just instinctively held up my bicycle and chased them around with it as if I'm about to crush them with my steel alloy frame. Nice way to destress.

But I digress. Going back to Keen2Cycle; so when I sent my bicycle the next day for the repairs, they found some industrial wires hiding beneath the rubber plating of my wire, which was the sole cause of the entire tube rupturing in the first place. It cannot be salvaged, and if I continued using that tyre, all other tubes inserted will just blow and be rendered useless.

Then the other time, my left crank kept coming off. It was becoming such a hassle that I had to cycle with my right leg alone. Gosh, my muscles were suffering then. The first time I went to Keen2Cycle for it, they recommended me to change to a different bearing set. I took in their advice, and cashed in the RM50. They were right, the problem was solved, and I could go to work without any trouble.

... Until last Sunday, the crank got loose again on my way home from my last day of work for the week. I thought it was just my imagination, but the moment I saw it coming off from my wheelset, I knew it was in for some happy walking time. I managed to pedal until Taman Bahagia from 1U, then walk all the way to my housing area until I hit a downward hill, in which I used to ride down all the way back home.

Monday was a pure rest day for me, and I met that Ausfarm guy, so after that, I had no much time to spare, and my legs were still sore from the 3 days of standing at work during the weekends. On Tuesday, my mom's hospital meet ended a whole lot sooner than expected. I went ahead and slept until I woke up at 5pm, where the electricity incidentally got cut. So I finally got time to pay Keen2Cycle a visit.

I asked them for some clarification as to what's actually happening to the crank, because they sorta guaranteed that with the new bearing upgrade, my crank wasn't supposed to come off until the next 4800 km or so. And I highly doubt 3 trips back and forth from my place to 1U would hit near that amount at all.

And this is the part where it kinda gave me feels. This guy actually showed signs of guilt, and he admits it and tries to make things better for me. He gave me this second hand wheelset, which is still in great shape, and began servicing my bicycle. It costed me RM100, but the moment I rode it out after his servicing, I knew that it was a good RM100 well-spent.

He actually serviced me for 2 whole hours, non-stop. And it so happened to be a quiet day too, so he could pay all his attention to servicing me. He lubricated all the moving parts, and this is another good one, he was the first bicycle repairman to actually go through the trouble to check my gearset mechanism near my handle, take it off because he found out that something was wrong with it, tried to put it back, but failed, and replaced me a new one for free.

I intended to tell him that he could stop servicing that part, because it requires the right tools to assemble and it takes a lot of time and dexterity to make such a small difference. Every other repairman I've met would do whatever in their power to not touch that part, because if something's wrong with it, it's highly likely you can never put it back and make it function like it does originally. They'd simply suggest a replacement. And if they do screw it up upon your request to fix it, they'll definitely charge you for the new one. But not this guy.

With that gearset thing itself, it took him around an hour. The other whole hour was devoted to my new wheelset. Seeing him so passionate about it calmed me down, and I let him continue doing what he thinks is best for my bicycle.

After everything was done, I paid him my cash, and all I saw was a humble man with a huge sigh of relief on his face, with the look of a job well done. This guy is just so honest and passionate about his service that seeing it actually brings tears to my eyes. I actually felt sorry that I never went to Keen2Cycle earlier, and kept feeding shops like FookSang.

The brothers' business is a bit small and secluded, and they don't have that much of luck with clientelle. It's probably because of where they are located. But I must say that these 2 brothers really touched me with what they do, and I really want to help them build a larger client base.

So here's hoping this post can make a difference to them. Their bicycle quality is great. I got mine at RM500, and it's lightyears better than any of the bicycles you can get at FookSang at the same price. It came with an alloy frame which is only about 30% of the weight of my original bike. It was so light that when I first bought it, I had trouble adjusting to it's lightweight frame while cycling. Because my old bicycle was a strength powerhouse. It had badass weight, badass strength, badass cranks and badass gears. It's just a bicycle that requires a lot of muscle to cycle. When I pushed the crank on the new bicycle for the first time, I nearly fell of balance. Because I was just so used to using that much energy with my old bicycle.

But after what I've experienced from the past 2 months, I might as well have just bought a RM700 bike instead. Because if I went for the higher end ones, I would have already gotten all the upgrades I have now, and save all the unnecessary time and money I had to spend on repairs.

I would have gotten a better bike if I had the means to buy it. But I must admit that I'm also a little paranoid with bikes worth RM1k and above, because lets face it, I cycle around as a primary means of transport, and I need to leave my bike at times to get into the places I want to be in.

I've already gotten my first RM1.2k bicycle stolen 1 month after using it. So it's hard to shrug the feeling off. The RM500 bike I bought looked great too, so I'm always weary with where I'd park it. But after cycling with it for a while, I realized that nobody gives a crap about it too, despite it's sparkle, so it's all good.

Anyways, I hope y'all can pay them a visit sometime if you happen to be needing a bicycle. They could really use some extra customers haha. Ok, thanks for reading and have a nice day. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lets Go Out There And Make This Bitch Happy

I think in every relationship, there's a bitch. It can be the guy or a girl. The context of bitch doesn't necessarily discriminate just because the dictionary defines it as a female dog.

But I'm pretty sure you all already know that so...

If you've been in the position where you've sacrificed more than you can offer just to make someone happy, you might hate to agree with the statement, but when you do come upon the statement, you can't help but react or respond to it. Because after all, you did experience it.

Some people will laugh. Some people will cry. Some people will remain indifferent. There are many ways to react. But what I do know though, is that we usually go back to the roots of our personalities, behaviours and habits.

If we're used to faking a smile for everything that we begin to feel numb about all the things that hurt us before, we'll fake a smile.

If we laugh at life to make ourselves feel better when life treats us shit for free, laugh we do.

If we're used to self-inflicted pain and self-blame, we'll hate ourselves.

If we're used to just holding it in with suppression, and forcing ourselves to not mirror emotions outwardly, we will do so too.

But I guess laughing helps the most as it releases happy pheromones.

Still, it doesn't solve the issue though.


I was talking to a friend, and what started with a joke (so I thought) ended up in an argument about assumptions. Can't say I wasn't familiar with the topic. I had it a lot when I was dating my ex. I always told her not to assume the worst of things and even if she does, she shouldn't let them get into her head.

And well, I did ask her not to assume any decisions made without any prior discussions involving the both of us. 
Maybe I wasn't saying it properly, or I didn't speak with proper clarity, or she doesn't understand it, or she wasn't paying attention. Because from the 3 years I was with her, she repeatedly did the same things over and over as if she's never heard me telling her about it before.

Well, whatever it is, past is past. She's happy now. Better without me in her life anyways. That alone is a good enough thought for me to feed off with her absence as *the most important thing in the world.*

Beats having nothing anyways.

Anyways, when I was working at Lunchbox before, I also had a talk with my former boss about assumptions. What he told me was very enlightening and I'm really grateful for those short moments he had to spare for someone like me.

He just said, "Osla, even though I'm your boss, most of the time, I'm right, because the things I know, they come from experience, but that doesn't mean I'm right all the time. It's hard to grasp I know, but that's why we have to learn to assume the accurate things. Not everything can be assumed. Some can be. Because when someone assumes something wrong, the business takes the fall, and that's why sometimes you see me so angry and pissed about a lot of things."

It's a confusing piece. But I understand it.

It just basically says that assuming isn't wrong, but when it's wrong, we have to deal with the consequences. But if it's right, then we gotta analyze how it's right in the first place, and try to apply it everywhere else accurately so that there can be an ease of workflow and a happier working environment.

Not all of us are psychic. Reading people isn't always accurate. But it's better than no grounds to work around with at all. Getting one thing right about a customer who walks in and the rest wrong is a lot better than getting none right at all. That's what I've learned from my time there anyways.

Ever since then, whenever I assume about something, I'll make it a habit to fact-check the assumption thoroughly just to prove if it's right. If it isn't, that's great, I just avoided a disaster and I can do what needs to be done to avoid dilemmas. If I assumed correctly, then that's still great, because I can get prepped up for whatever's coming for me or save myself the trouble of doing double-work.

Beats having nothing anyways.

I mean, I read somewhere that an idle mind is a devil's workshop. So I'm usually pretty weary about not thinking about stuff. I mean, it's not like I've seen an actual devil to actually believe that something will get into my head and create a workshop in it. But it's kinda nice to have something occupied in your mind.

Even when sometimes that idea or thought isn't necessarily right.

Don't get me wrong though. Having nothing to think about when you're trying to sleep is like the best feeling ever. It's so relieving and calming. But other than that... I try my best to keep my mind occupied. Because when I let my mind rest, it begins to wander off into uncharted territories that are unsuitable for certain moments. 

That's why it's great to do it when you're trying to sleep. Not when you're wide awake trying to get things done. Well, that's how I think anyways.

Anyways, my point is that having assumptions is a beautiful thing. It keeps the mind and soul inquisitive about world truths. And we all know that everything that cannot be proven through science, has not set rights or wrongs. So truth is always changing and never constant.

Like today, I may assume that "all girl are bitches." But when I find one who isn't a bitch, I cannot apply that statement to her, because she isn't. And after that, it might change into "not all girls are bitches." Then maybe a few years down the road, when I've met more nice people who happen to be females, the perspective might eventually go into, "there are beautiful people out there."

It's sad to think that I'm going through this process in reverse though. Before I got into a relationship, I told myself that there really are beautiful people out there. It was true, I met some great girls. Even after I tried out for them, and got disappointed, I remained adamant with the thought, as if it was guiding me to get into a relationship.

Then eventually, I met my ex, and the term beautiful just went to a whole new level. Until things changed, and I see it happening to a lot of people around me. Not necessarily everywhere, just so happened that all those incidents got to me where I stand. It's annoying, I know, when life is challenging you to think otherwise about something you so firmly believe in.

That there are beautiful people. But life had to show me all the bitches when things got rough all at one go. And after what happened to my relationship, it's hard to have the same conviction about it anymore.

The conviction may differ, but it doesn't mean I'm not waiting for life to challenge me to think otherwise again. I actually still think that there are beautiful people out there, it's just that I can't bear the thought of putting myself out there, give everything I have just to have someone leave me and put all my efforts in vain again. It's pretty unbearable lol.

So until I'm ready again to give relationships another go, bitches it is.

It definitely helps to be pessimistic regarding this issue. Helps keep all my expectations low about people in general and saves my ass from myriads of unnecessary disappointments. I guess it's just my self-defense mechanism when coping with the loss of my primary focus in life.

There will definitely be people who are annoyed by this kinda line of thinking. But I guess this post is here to clear up any misunderstandings that might have spurred through my seemingly "firm belief" about girls. Because for all it's worth, if I ever said it to any of you, I only mean to say that I'm not ready for girls and I don't mean to sound like a female misogynist, even if I come across like one.

Beats having nothing anyways.

You see, it's very different when you already know about something and you're choosing to see things that way instead of having blind faith in a certain belief you hold and pray every single day that it'll one day come true. I did that before, so I kinda know how it feels. I continuously fought over my self-doubt until it came to the point of implosion. Hope is frail and is hard to kill, but when it does get murdered, man. I'd hate to think about it.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for taking the time to read.
Until then, have a nice day.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Removing All The Clutter

When I first saw my revamped design earlier this year, it looked kinda good.

Then last night, I saw it, and... I donno, I was in a bit of a wtf mode, and it
just felt so damned annoying that I had to change the entire layout just to quell
my storming rage.

So there ya have the current look.
... And I'm spending too much unnecessary time on Facebook.

I'll show y'all in a day or two. You'll understand.

Jesus, why did I even sign up for so many Confession Pages in the first place.

Anyways, any of you ever thought of working abroad?

The page and website is in Mandarine though. I found it on a part-time job post
Pays well. RM6-8k. The only catch is of course, you need to have at least
RM7000 just to get there haha.

Sounds like a dream job for someone aiming to pay off his RM20k student loan
in a year while being able to enjoy a workplace where nobody will give a shit about
how much you sweat. Might also contribute to some bodybuilding regime and...
well, you get to see the world! (Australia of course)

It'll be at Wanneroo or something.

Well, if you're interested, you can FB the FB page's admin. I kinda got the 
details from him lol. And... that's about it.

And I'm kinda meeting the guy on Monday to get to know more details.
If you wanna tag along, and use this as an excuse to yumcha or whatever, well, my
number's on my FB page if you don't have it. Just know that we'll be meeting at 12pm
so... well, a text won't hurt lol.

K, that's all for now. I'll slowly post other stuff soon. Bye.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blogger Default Font

It's Trebuchet.

I feel kinda dumb only knowing this after operating on Blogger
this long.

To think that all this time, I thought it was Arial.
I'm sorry Blogger, for I have failed you. I shouldn't
have watched so much Little Mermaid.

But yes, it's Trebuchet.

Man, I thought this image looked like crap the last time I looked at it.
But now that I really see it, maybe it should stay the same. The style
kinda "fits" I guess. I always wanted to make a new one, but I guess
that can wait till later haha.

Aight, happy blog editing.

Tone Excel, Prepaid That Pays?

Damnit. This is a brilliant way to do MLM. What the heck man, everyone needs a phone these days. The call rates and smses are meh, but hell. It's still a great idea. I read reviews on Tunetalk's service so far. It's quite dependable. Well, better than Digi anyways.

I haven't registered yet, whatever. I'll just share here for those of you who wanna try lol.

This is so different compared to Amway, 4life, and Cosway that focuses on products. They require you to make all these member commitments that costs so much, you have to work so hard just to pay them back. And you're not even selling healthcare products anymore or likes like that. You're just asking people to try this thing out. See if it works for them. You're not asking them to commit into a healthcare product they don't need. You're just asking them to give this telco a chance.

I really can see no harm in this marketing strategy at all. It's so easy, it's almost flawless. My God. Fucking brilliant idea.

Good going Jason Lo and Tony Fernandez.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adobe Illustrator : Rotate Tool fhgskhwaehf;o

I now know how to make set angles revolve around a point in Illustrator.
Just select the item you want rotated, then use the Rotate tool, and hit
Alt + click on your desired turning point. 

something like this will appear. Then just hit copy and Ctrl + D.
Goodbye to the days of manual adjusting until it hits 30 degrees or
whatever perfect angle you want for your perfect pattern.

On another note, I also did discover how to rotate stuff at their own 
pivots in Illustrator. All you had to do is to right click after selection,
and choose Transform Each.

And then see the Magic happen. Just make sure you check the Preview box.

I learned this after hours of frustration trying to coordinate spots for my junior's marching
formations. It was hard looking through the forums and everything. You won't exactly
find them at one glance unless you look really really thoroughly.

The Captain Obviouses who attempted to provide assistance through douchebaggery by using
their obvious intention to outsmart people by thinking those people are idiots because those
people don't know the most obvious function to the program didn't exactly provide much help too.

Well sorraeh Cap'n. Either way, if you need to learn hardcore, here's the link where I found
the tips.

You can click the ads on my right if you wanna thank me. Just saying haha.



wallpaper version
To set it like mine, just save this, then set
your image as tile. Haha.

wallpaper version (clean)

penguin couplessss



penguin timeline
You have every permission to display your affections towards these
lovely things openly anywhere, anytime.

Who you kidding. It's freeware.



Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Stupid Post

I'm a stupid guy.

I judge how great a friend is through how much he or she knows about the details I put in my blog. The more he or she knows about it, the more he or she cares about me. If he or she doesn't know it, then he or she isn't my friend. Such an amazing eye I have for the friends I choose.

When people tell me they envy me for being able to draw, I despise them for not even bothering to pick up a pencil and try before saying so. Nothing ticks me off more than someone who lacks initiative and whines before nothing is even done yet.

And I feel like killing everyone in sight when I see them being lazy goons doing nothing, especially when they are at the same workplace/classroom as I am. Because I find it highly irritable to see other people goofing off not knowing that they are given a chance others would happily trade off their lives for when these losers aren't appreciating the opportunity that drops onto their laps.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder to myself how I even managed to hold it all in this long and don't go driving tridents through everyone's skulls. Well, I guess there's Thor to thank. He sent Mjolnir flying towards me and cracked my cranium with divine justice after all.

But for whatever's worth, at least now I know I was a stupid guy. Things have changed, and I don't look at people the way I did before. Maybe it's a sign of maturity. Or maybe I'm just tired of getting mad at things that I can't do shit about. Either way, it's a good thing. And I'm glad to part with my older ways.

Being stupid is just stupid. Urgh, this is a stupid post.