Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adobe Illustrator : Rotate Tool fhgskhwaehf;o

I now know how to make set angles revolve around a point in Illustrator.
Just select the item you want rotated, then use the Rotate tool, and hit
Alt + click on your desired turning point. 

something like this will appear. Then just hit copy and Ctrl + D.
Goodbye to the days of manual adjusting until it hits 30 degrees or
whatever perfect angle you want for your perfect pattern.

On another note, I also did discover how to rotate stuff at their own 
pivots in Illustrator. All you had to do is to right click after selection,
and choose Transform Each.

And then see the Magic happen. Just make sure you check the Preview box.

I learned this after hours of frustration trying to coordinate spots for my junior's marching
formations. It was hard looking through the forums and everything. You won't exactly
find them at one glance unless you look really really thoroughly.

The Captain Obviouses who attempted to provide assistance through douchebaggery by using
their obvious intention to outsmart people by thinking those people are idiots because those
people don't know the most obvious function to the program didn't exactly provide much help too.

Well sorraeh Cap'n. Either way, if you need to learn hardcore, here's the link where I found
the tips.

You can click the ads on my right if you wanna thank me. Just saying haha.

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