Saturday, July 20, 2013

Removing All The Clutter

When I first saw my revamped design earlier this year, it looked kinda good.

Then last night, I saw it, and... I donno, I was in a bit of a wtf mode, and it
just felt so damned annoying that I had to change the entire layout just to quell
my storming rage.

So there ya have the current look.
... And I'm spending too much unnecessary time on Facebook.

I'll show y'all in a day or two. You'll understand.

Jesus, why did I even sign up for so many Confession Pages in the first place.

Anyways, any of you ever thought of working abroad?

The page and website is in Mandarine though. I found it on a part-time job post
Pays well. RM6-8k. The only catch is of course, you need to have at least
RM7000 just to get there haha.

Sounds like a dream job for someone aiming to pay off his RM20k student loan
in a year while being able to enjoy a workplace where nobody will give a shit about
how much you sweat. Might also contribute to some bodybuilding regime and...
well, you get to see the world! (Australia of course)

It'll be at Wanneroo or something.

Well, if you're interested, you can FB the FB page's admin. I kinda got the 
details from him lol. And... that's about it.

And I'm kinda meeting the guy on Monday to get to know more details.
If you wanna tag along, and use this as an excuse to yumcha or whatever, well, my
number's on my FB page if you don't have it. Just know that we'll be meeting at 12pm
so... well, a text won't hurt lol.

K, that's all for now. I'll slowly post other stuff soon. Bye.

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