Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Stupid Post

I'm a stupid guy.

I judge how great a friend is through how much he or she knows about the details I put in my blog. The more he or she knows about it, the more he or she cares about me. If he or she doesn't know it, then he or she isn't my friend. Such an amazing eye I have for the friends I choose.

When people tell me they envy me for being able to draw, I despise them for not even bothering to pick up a pencil and try before saying so. Nothing ticks me off more than someone who lacks initiative and whines before nothing is even done yet.

And I feel like killing everyone in sight when I see them being lazy goons doing nothing, especially when they are at the same workplace/classroom as I am. Because I find it highly irritable to see other people goofing off not knowing that they are given a chance others would happily trade off their lives for when these losers aren't appreciating the opportunity that drops onto their laps.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder to myself how I even managed to hold it all in this long and don't go driving tridents through everyone's skulls. Well, I guess there's Thor to thank. He sent Mjolnir flying towards me and cracked my cranium with divine justice after all.

But for whatever's worth, at least now I know I was a stupid guy. Things have changed, and I don't look at people the way I did before. Maybe it's a sign of maturity. Or maybe I'm just tired of getting mad at things that I can't do shit about. Either way, it's a good thing. And I'm glad to part with my older ways.

Being stupid is just stupid. Urgh, this is a stupid post.


Joey said...

YERRRHHHHHHHHHHHH very very very very nice background !!!!!!!!

O C said...

you want? I make one with your old header design waha.