Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tone Excel, Prepaid That Pays?

Damnit. This is a brilliant way to do MLM. What the heck man, everyone needs a phone these days. The call rates and smses are meh, but hell. It's still a great idea. I read reviews on Tunetalk's service so far. It's quite dependable. Well, better than Digi anyways.

I haven't registered yet, whatever. I'll just share here for those of you who wanna try lol.

This is so different compared to Amway, 4life, and Cosway that focuses on products. They require you to make all these member commitments that costs so much, you have to work so hard just to pay them back. And you're not even selling healthcare products anymore or likes like that. You're just asking people to try this thing out. See if it works for them. You're not asking them to commit into a healthcare product they don't need. You're just asking them to give this telco a chance.

I really can see no harm in this marketing strategy at all. It's so easy, it's almost flawless. My God. Fucking brilliant idea.

Good going Jason Lo and Tony Fernandez.


Mr Lonely said...

well, Tune talk was trying hard to penetrate the mobile market to compete with those big brands such as Maxis, Digi, Celcom and etc. >.<

O C said...

yes, but with this, they just changed their gameplan from just a service provider to an income provider.

Smart people.