Sunday, August 18, 2013


yay... better-ish handwriting. In the very least I can read it without enlarging it now.

I haven't even been posting in nearly 2 weeks, and still, I find it surprising that I still get visits. I always thought that how frequent one posts determines how frequent your readers will stop by.

Maybe they still do, just that, if something isn't worth returning to, it's just a passing fad. And it'd forever be that one time thing where people read, don't learn anything valuable or insightful from it, and just move on forgetting about the few minutes they just wasted on a post that barely made any sense to the current worlds each and every unique one of us dwell in.

Nobody lives the same identical lives, and everyone goes through a different past. To read something that actually speaks to you, regardless of the timeline in your life, just because you've experienced a certain something before in the past that you may or may not so vividly remember; it's just such an invigorating feeling.

It feels somewhat close to the feeling of drowning in the deep waters and someone just lifts you up for air to breathe.

Then whenever you're in doubt, or feel lost, you remember in a very distant corner of your memories that a reading somewhere changed your viewpoint in life at that particular moment, and you'd search every corner of your memory to find it again just to remind you of that eureka of epiphanies you've just had then.

A defining moment; just through reading. Really, how often does it come by?

We all want quality in life. But sometimes, to reach a certain quality, you first need to have quantity. Maybe I've hit my prerequisite quantity to be a better writer on Blogger. Maybe I haven't.

But it's nice to know that I've got good enough posts that I myself go back to from time to time. And it's funny how everytime I go back those posts, they feel more and more like they were written by someone else.  Maybe this is one of the best things about writing. You'd never really feel the same thing reading something twice as each reading you have will uncover something new about the writing that you'd have never realized was there before.

I guess maybe I've written about something along those lines before. Just that it wasn't about writing, but it was a huge metaphor with books and covers about people.

The last sentence in that particular post sounded (and still sounds like) like an ultra-bombastic attempt at literary failure, but since I've vowed to not edit anything in my posts (besides spelling errors and sentence corrections) I guess I'll just have to live with that being there.

Well, I do write a lot with my subconscious more than my logic. So maybe it's natural to feel like a huge portion of my posts where I don't actually feel like facepalming in grimace for; were written by someone else, since our subconscious is largely affected by how we feel from our emotions and we all know the only thing constant in emotions, just like almost everything else in this world, is change.

Which is why I tend to leave a lot of my posts in draft forms now. Just to let the core ideas incubate until I can make them sound better or more cohesive, or scrap the entire post altogether so as to escape another literary disaster on my side.

Just one of the many perks of not being a post-a-day jerk blogger.

Oh yes, and a minor update.

What's this? I guess it's just an event this coming Saturday & Sunday. Though, I was recently informed that it's supposed to be open on Friday as well.

...and I'm gonna be a part of it.

Aight, have a nice day.

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Yes, my prayers has been answered. It's finally gone. WOHOOO!

You have absolutely no idea how glad I am to know that I will never
ever stumble upon it ever again. Gosh, such a relief.

Whatever it may be though, that's something for you to figure out haha.

And... here. I did a little recording back then to vent out some stuff.
I guess if there were to be a title for it, it'd be named:
"I Hate Girls Not Because I Really Hate Them."

There's nothing to enjoy there. It's just a recording of the same ol' shit
that's maybe a lot more concise compared to this. I mean, that was just
some sorta really mashed up rojak. Here... well, be glad you don't have to
kill your eyes haha.

Well, this is a rather short post besides the audio. Thanks for checking back here.
I'll be posting more stuff soon. Just need to get rid of a certain brick wall now.
Because that wall is so annoying, it's starting to mass-produce it's own bricks
to drop onto my skull covered with the thick hard cap, so much so that the cap
is actually cracking.

I'm just looking for more trouble if I don't deal with it soon. It's like what they
always say,

"Deal with what makes you feel guilty before it finally consumes you."

Aight, till next time.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Breaking Some Old Habits

You can click to maximize if the writings are a bit too small for you haha.

Breaking The Habit's video is still as awesome as I first seen it btw.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why Do I Cycle

I cycle because...
  1. it's technically free
  2. I don't have to pay for petrol
  3. my only fuel is water and food
  4. It's cheaper to maintain
  5. Police officers can't stop me for being a pedestrian (unless if I do something really stupid)
  6. I get to sweat
  7. I get to burn fat
  8. I get to exercise
  9. I get to maintain my health
  10. I get to release all my physical stress
  11. I get to vent
  12. I get to sprint
  13. I get to make a lot of noise along the way
  14. I get to feel the breezy wind against my face
  15. I get to cycle downhill
  16. I don't have to wait through any traffic jams
  17. I can cut through virtually almost any obstacle
  18. I have more alternative routes
  19. it's still faster than walking
  20. it's still faster than jogging
  21. it's still faster than running
  22. if my tyre bursts, it only costs RM15 to change it compared to a regular vehicle's RM200
  23. I don't have to pay toll
  24. I don't have to pay for parking
  25. I don't have to rely on anyone to bring me around
  26. I don't have to trouble anyone else for my travelling dilemmas
  27. I can move anywhere I want without the feeling of guilt
  28. I will have control over my own time
  29. I get to cycle past cars and show them a middle finger
  30. it's cheap and affordable to do custom mods
  31. I've been actively cycling since I was 8 years old
  32. I love hearing the sound of the environment around me
  33. I can challenge my own speed limit when I want to go places I frequent
  34. I get to set new speed records for myself
  35. I don't need a license to cycle
  36. there's no fine or compound attributed to cycling
  37. my bicycle won't betray me
  38. my bicycle won't break my heart
  39. I just simply love Bicycle.
  40. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I think 39 is a lot of reasons to make do with.
Whatever la. Sometimes you don't even need to ask me why I cycle.
I mean, really, what's so strange about cycling about? (besides my drippy
sweaty overload) Because even if I sweat, I still change a new set of clothes,
especially when I head over to malls or stuff like that. If I need to be presentable,
I do my best to look that way. If I'm in a casual place where sweating is perfectly
fine or I need to make another stop somewhere, then don't expect me to lol.

Has it really gone to the point where all of you developed such a perspective that
anyone without a car to drive them around places is out of place? Geez.
Not everyone has the luxury to be driven, or to drive alright. And no, you
absolutely do not have to feel sorry for me. Please spare yourself such
wasted emotions. I'd rather you just get angry over killing a mosquitoe
because you realized that karma is real lol.

Because really, me cycling, although sometimes driven by circumstances,
it's a choice. I choose to do this. So I'm ok with it. There's no need to feel
sorry for me working extra hard. The world is sorta build in a way that it's
always unfair anyways. Whoever tells you world is fair is probably too naive
or hasn't faced enough exposure of the world yet.

The world is simple. There are those who don't have to try as hard, and there
are those who just have to go the extra distance to get things done. Maybe
I'm neither of them, because I could ask my family to fetch me if I wanted to,
but instead, I just chose to cycle instead. Oh why? Please refer to above thx.

So what if I cycle to Midvalley?
So what if I cycle to Shah Alam?
So what if I cycle to Sunway?
So what if I cycle to Subang?
So what if I cycle to Puchong?
So what if I'm gonna cycle to Batu Caves or KL for that matter?

It doesn't fucking matter. I just cycle. It's what I do. It's a lifestyle.

And I love it! Cycling is like one of the most efficient ways of being
self-dependent. You're not relying much on sophisticated technology,
you're not creating carbon monoxide for the air and most of all, you don't
have to guilt-trip yourself into asking anyone to get you somewhere when
you know you can do it yourself.

Why rely on a piece of metal where you have to pay at least RM40k for,
deal with the insurance bills, pay for it's petrol that only goes 200km for every
RM50 you cash in and forget that your own very physical body has the power
to take you to anywhere you wanna go?

Sure, I can't deny that being driven makes a lot of things more convenient. But
it really irritates me to the core when people start associating a vehicle as the
only means of transportation. Good Christ man, you've got muscles right?

Well, I am. Doesn't mean you have to y'know.

Then there's danger this, danger that, danger here, danger there yadadada.

Dangerous my ass. Everything is dangerous. Everything has a risk.
You can't limit yourself to the things you wanna do if everything appears
dangerous to you. Even as you read this blogpost, there's a risk of you
being cyberhacked by Batman for all I care. There's even a risk of you
getting static charged to death or a deadly spider suddenly bites on you
without you knowing and you die in the next 48 hours.

When shit happens, they happen. It's all about luck. You can't control
it when someone decides to rob you, chase after you, kidnap you, mug
you or feel like murdering you. But you can however, control what
you wanna do with yourself when no shits are going gung-ho around you.

If there are lots of cars, then just be careful. No reason for you to think that
one can't cycle just because the traffic situation is horrendous.

Cycling is a beautiful form of physical independence. And it's liberating to
live this way. For those who think otherwise, it's fine. There's no
need for an understanding. You just need to know that I cycle, and
I'm ok with it.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.