Thursday, August 08, 2013


Yes, my prayers has been answered. It's finally gone. WOHOOO!

You have absolutely no idea how glad I am to know that I will never
ever stumble upon it ever again. Gosh, such a relief.

Whatever it may be though, that's something for you to figure out haha.

And... here. I did a little recording back then to vent out some stuff.
I guess if there were to be a title for it, it'd be named:
"I Hate Girls Not Because I Really Hate Them."

There's nothing to enjoy there. It's just a recording of the same ol' shit
that's maybe a lot more concise compared to this. I mean, that was just
some sorta really mashed up rojak. Here... well, be glad you don't have to
kill your eyes haha.

Well, this is a rather short post besides the audio. Thanks for checking back here.
I'll be posting more stuff soon. Just need to get rid of a certain brick wall now.
Because that wall is so annoying, it's starting to mass-produce it's own bricks
to drop onto my skull covered with the thick hard cap, so much so that the cap
is actually cracking.

I'm just looking for more trouble if I don't deal with it soon. It's like what they
always say,

"Deal with what makes you feel guilty before it finally consumes you."

Aight, till next time.

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