Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2D Artist and Sprite Animator Wanted

Volunteer project post:

My friend here, link:

wants to produce a "2D side-scroller,platformer,hack&slash" game
with a protagonist inspired by Negi Springfield.

He need an artist that could draw and animate sprite.
Doesn't have to be two in one. Two separate people is perfectly fine.
But two-in-one would be a welcome luxury.

If interested, just mention my name when you PM him. College project.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. There are still friends who ask me about help occasionally.
2. I'm from an art college.
3. I'm writing posting this post at 11am.
4. I can now look forward to tomorrow's post instead.
5. I'm still posting this at night anyways. P:

30-10-2013 I'm Grateful 030

Well, I hope this will help him, because I damned well can't animate stuff for shit
as much as I want to haha.

Also, since I made this post about games, lets not put this to waste.
Last Sunday, Malaysia made it's mark on the papers again.

Chan Kam Wai Chinese Zombie War
from Sunday Star. produced by my awesome scanner.
So I wanna congratulate these hardworking peoples for pioneering the Malaysian
games industry. Now at least there'd be a benchmark quality that others can refer
to when they wish to jump into the same industry.

Here's their Facebook link.
Here's the Star's online cover.
Here's a review from iReviewed.

And for those of you have tried before Ghost Online, and was disappointed by
the game shutting down, it's got a new name now. Soul Saver Online.

I mean, where else would you find a game where a mob you kill is called Batu Tiga?

And with that, I bid you a good day.

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