Monday, October 14, 2013

An Eye For An Eye

image from here and artwork by Steven Belledin.
So, today I heard that phrase again.

An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

You know, people always associated this line with some form of justice. But really, just think
about it, who's the one who confers all these kinds of judgements?

Is it really the judiciary system? The laws? God? Karma?

Then what about those who never get caught? Those who always manage escape from all these
systems. Who'll punish them? Hell? Wait till they die?

Truth is, nobody will. Not the judge, not the law, not karma. Because in reality, the phrase
above only works if someone is willing to commit a necessary evil, and act above the system,
law, divine intervention and karma.

If nobody does it, then those criminals will never have to pay. Because everyone is too naive
into thinking that someone else is gonna do the dirty work for them. Just who in the world
do they think they are? Would that someone else be benefiting for doing your dirty work?
Will they be rewarded?

No, people will just hate on them. Like Batman. Because once they commit such acts, they
are no different from the criminal themselves. Even if Batman never killed, he made it appear
like he did, and he took the fall for it. Why? Because he thought that was what the people
of Gotham needed.

Why bring this up? Because my brother found a viral video in his FB shares, about a girl
from some 3rd world country getting her throat slowly slit off from the base until her entire
head snaps away from the medulla oblongata. She didn't die until her medulla's final chord
was severed for the record, and it went on for a full 8 minutes, unsped, uncensored, unaltered.

I don't know where the link is since he used incognito earlier and I can't find the video after
googling because my keywords don't match the queries. So I'm sorry you can't watch a poor
girl suffer and not give a shit about it after watching it.

I didn't get to watch it, and you don't have to neither. This isn't a gorefest film ok.
Someone is actually dying in front of you. It's better not to see such things. Films like
Saw and Centipede Man doesn't even compare to such videos.

My brother was telling it to my dad and he went like, "aiya, they will get what they deserve 
one la. An eye for an eye. That's how the world works!"

Yeah right. I'd have believed that if was still 10. But well, I'm not, and I know that for such
justice to be served, there must be someone who's willing to commit an act as heinous,
and fall for it's consequences freely after the work is done.

Who is willing to do such things? Don't get me wrong. People like those do exist, but
they make themselves scarce for a reason. The ability to be heartless is both a blessing
and a curse. And they know damned well they cannot let their abilities fall to the wrong
kinds of people. Because wiping the world of evil is evil in itself. Killing is still killing, and
nothing can justify whether it's a good deed or not.

That's why self-defense is still murder, and you still get a short sentence despite it being
an act of pure defense. It's rare these days to see people walk way freely from self-
defense allegations, especially when a lot of the victims are girls and some bullshit
asswipe decided to put up some sick law that all girls are condemnable for sexual
provocation for the way they look.

For fuck's sake. For real? It isn't enough that a girl's intestines got torn out of her vagina
with a bus pillar metal bar by a 10 year old boy who raped her together with another few
older men and tossed her out of a bus and still tried to ram her over with the said bus?

Oh what was she wearing, a sari. And she was in an Indian living in India. You call
that sexual provocation? She was even sitting next to her bloody boyfriend. What
business does she have with a group of horny insatiable assholes?

Then what, a 10 year old girl dies of first night after marriage.

Or better yet, a lady gets imprisoned 10 years for attacking her husband who's been
physically abusing ever since the early stages of her marriage.

A great world we live in. Where girls in Egypt, Syria and Israel get branded with hot metal
plates for defying their husbands, killed for being raped, blinded for being caught looking
at another men.

We humans can only yield to a certain extent. After we hit our melting point, we will retaliate.
And we do, we have only 2 choices. To carry a burden of guilt, or to suffer continuosly
under oppression. We all have the freedom of choice. A higher being may exist. But there's
a good reason why they don't materialize and intervene with our lives.

It's about time we realize we're on our own when it comes to things like this. Why bother
about law when the police are corrupt? Why bother about rights when the judiciary system
is corrupt? Why bother about acts an ammendments if the government itself is corrupt?

Because we just want to survive. We place our hopes blindly that there's still good in this
world even when we know it's slowly fading. Everyone is as kind as they are evil. Everyone
is as generous as they are selfish. Nobody's perfect, and nobody's an ideal human being.
We all walk with a past filled with mistakes, and we all choose to be who we can be
from what we want to do, who we are and, where we come from and for who we do it for.

Indifference is mistaken for weakness. Silence is mistaken for acceptance.
Retaliation mistaken for vengeance. Rebellion mistaken for treachery.

Someone said before that we can let our pasts define us, or let them be lessons not to be repeated.
We can let our present define us, or act accordingly to what we think is best.
We can let our future define us, or let it guide us to a better version of ourselves.
We can let our roots define us, or we can make it our pride and honour.

We all have a choice in the end. To be happy or sad, to be grateful to be doubtful,
to be strong or to be weak, to be vulnerable or to be fearless, to be hateful or to be kind.

We are our own last line of defense. We break, and everyone behind us will fall under us.
This is why we can't live in a world of vulnerability. Vulnerability cannot coexist with cruelty.
Such is the harsh reality we live in. Just as soon as we lose our guard, the next thing you know,
someone's foot is already placed atop your head, squishing your face towards the cold hard
ground, putting you under his mercy.

Isn't that why we work so hard in this world? To make the world a better place for the
people we care about so much?

Anyways, away from that and onto project grateful.
Today I'm grateful that
1. I've been having lotsa conversations with someone.
2. I've read half of the book I've been waiting to read for quite some time now.
3. I slept so much, I couldn't be bothered to sleep even for another moment haha.
4. I don't know of anyone in my life who's going through whatever I've described above.

14-10-2013 I'm Grateful 014

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