Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogger Mishaps.

fuck you blogger.

why in the flying fuck are my images coming out grayish when they are supposed to be porcelain white
like that logo on the upper right? And wtf even this picture itself is grayed out.
Uh, whatever. I've found a temporary solution. Man, thank lord there's imageshack. Hopefully this only happens to my whitish artworks. If not, then I'd probably have to rely on imageshack forever. Ugh, that makes one extra job for every images I wanna put up man. That sucks.

And when I first saw imageshack, I always saw it as Images Hack. I didn't really know for sure if it was Image Shack. But well, you should know better haha.

Anyhow, I'm grateful that:
1. it rained today.
2. I get to sleep a little longer.
3. I started my project!
4. I solved a technical issue.

10-10-2013 I'm Grateful010

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