Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gotta Catch'em All

I'm so damned grateful I watched that video.
The presence of so much sakuga in a Pokemon Animation is indescribable.

Sakuga to be put simply is basically a scene where everything goes Disney
non-stop for a lengthy period of time, and it usually makes your hair stand.

It's just that awesome, I kid you not.

First there was the first battle, and then there was the evolution sequence, and man,
I love it. I won't even compare it with Digimon Movies. It's a feast on their own genre.

I mean, if you've watched the Ominimon Digivolution or the Imperialdramon PM sequences
before, you'll understand how awesome our childhood visions can become.

But if you think that was cool, wait till you watch Charizard vs Blastoise.

Well, besides that, I guess I'm also doing a little revisiting to Pokemon Red.
My neighbour childhood friend kinda gave her Pokemon Red cartridge as a
permanent loan to me. I kept it safe... for the past 12 years!

It's still safe... I think. It's not with me anymore. When the thieves broke into my place,
they took the Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Gold/Silver cartridges along. Seriously, of
all the things. I didn't even have a gameboy in my storage box then. The only gamebow I
had was one that looked like this:

image from here.

And this cousin hand-me-down... disappeared quite a while back after my sister
confiscated it once for no good reason. I know she hid it. And I know she forgot
where she hid it, and we all know it's somewhere in our house.

It's just that it's really lost and there's no way to find it, even if we tear apart the whole
house down.

But whatever, that's what emulators are for anyways.
I use Visual Boy Advance 1.8.Super stable, no lag, tons of fun.

If you need an iso of something I'll recommend emuparadise.
They've got everything you need. And generally all GB games and roms
are pretty darn small in file-size, but allows you limitless playtime despite
it's size compared to PS1, PS2, XBOX and so on.

So all you need is like 3-5 minutes of patients downloading and you're
ready to play.

I mean, you can't beat a classic. Even Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham
are nostalgic people. They can't bear the thought of leaving out one of life's
greatest classics, in Expendables 2:

Brass Knuckles in the face assholes. Heh.

My Pokemon Red's long gone, but that doesn't mean I don't miss it.
I'm playing Fire Red now anyways, which is a huge bump from the original,
considering for one, your rival isn't Blue anymore, it's Green, and you
get to pick to be a woman for a change.

All your Pokemon sprites are all spruced up and even Charizard looks cool from his
hind for once in Red series.

... maybe I'm making no sense right now.
Since all I really wanted to say was that I'm grateful that:
1. I watched Pokemon Origins
2. I'm playing Pokemon Fire Red
3. I'm cool with the fact that I'm excited about a child's fad again.


Hallelujah it's great to be alive!
7-10-2013 I'm Grateful 006

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