Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Imprimtura a Gesso per Acrilici

Hm. Blood clots after Sunday's donation. Pfft. Usually don't have them.
And speaking of which, they also kinda used anesthetic. No wonder it
wasn't as painful as the ones I've had before.

But well, everything has it's side-effect *shrugs*

Now today... I wanna talk about something awesome called gesso.

People who dabble in traditional arts and canvas paintings should be
familiar with the term. But if you don't, here's an image.

Feel free to zoom into the image and read the description. I bought this last year
and the price tag shows RM18.00. Right now, I think it should be RM20 or RM23
since the hike of sugar and petrol prices.

Economics. Stupid stuff. Cavemen need not worry of such triviality. But we do.
*sigh* we modern people are so sad.

I mean, day after day, we look at all the small problems we have in our lives, curse
about them, complain about them and whatever. It's normal, and it's sad. Because
really, all we need is a good place to shit your dump in, a nice bed, good food and
good health to enjoy all the above. Everything else is just extra luxury. But hey, we
modern humans are kinda too dumb to figure that out. It's good for the economics.

Like a mouse pad. God, no mouse pads can be so fucking frustrating, especially if your 
table has a plastic surface on it. I mean look above, literally. The infrared censors can't
detect shit there. And people here were thinking that the roller-ball mouses were crappy.

Different technology serves different purposes. Infrared was meant to do well on textured,
hard and flat surfaces. Roller-balls too. Just that roller-balls completely can't do nuts when
faced with it's worst nemesis ever, cloth.

More like drapery and everything that has too many random folds in it.

So anyways, if you've got a mouse pad problem, remember the gesso 
I mentioned above? Yeah... look at this.

Back in the college days, I used a certain mounting board leftover to do my
warming up paintings before I do a real one on my real board. I graduated and
the board still is a board, tough and sturdy like it should be. And.. I needed a 
mouse pad.

So I just put it there and, man. Amazing.

But if you notice the new white patches one the sides, those are newly applied gesso.
Because even if the gesso makes my board virtually tougher and water-proof, having 
the palm of my hand and arm resting on the sides made it peel naturally, like paper...
uh. Boards.

So I just layered the exposed parts over again with new gesso, only this time, I made
sure to completely cover the sides, so that my sweat or any other awesome liquid
substance doesn't destroy my darling mouse pad.

The dirtier ones are the old ones, which are still good because, well, I used my RM20
gesso, not some cheapass RM12 one that creates dusty debris everytime friction is
applied on it. I tried it before but I forgot the brand name. So yeah, I can't defame
things which are not known to me. So sad isn't it?

But in all seriousness, you need to use high-grade gessos to create a good surface.
Lest you be settling for chalky, I suppose you shouldn't be curious enough to try out. 
But hey, it's your money, do whatever you want haha.

Well... if you're looking to know if the gesso lasts and stays moisturized even after
unsealing, the answer is yes. I kept mine inside a box for 2 whole years. Still feels
like I just opened it yesterday. And you can keep reusing it for whatever it is you
want, until it runs out again, and... yeah.

But hell, with something this useful, it'd make perfect sense to hoard them out before
the prices hike again. Hehe.

Today, I'm grateful that:
1. My camera is still working.
2. I have no other complications after blood donation besides that pesky blood-clot mark.
4. I played Tales of the World.
5. I'm probably still gonna play tomorrow because I'm not finished with it.
6. I have the time to play it.

29-10-2013 I'm Grateful 029

P/S: Man, it's gonna be more difficult to track on my Grateful dates once October ends.

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