Wednesday, October 09, 2013

It's Ok To Take A Break

I'm grateful for being the recipient of the following sentences over the past few weeks:
1. I know you're lost, so lemme give you a piece of advice.
2. But that is alright. Tell yourself that it is alright. That you will pull through
3. Oh gosh. I cannot imagine all the hurt and pain. I can only picture what you are going through and still, it will not come close.
4. Write down 3 things you are grateful for today.
5. Let go of all the issues. Nothing is bugging you this moment except for me
6. Give yourself a break, just one night
7. I don't know what to say. How did you hold all these in? It's not good for you, at all.
8. I am really sorry to hear all this. Is there anything I can do?
9. I am glad that you seeked out help because I am quite scared for you. I want to help and I will try my best. We will sort as much as we can, together.
10. I had a crush on you in Form 2 (:
11. Do I have a chance to get back together with you again?
12. I don't know how to say this, but it feels like you are my guardian angel.
13. You were really supportive, so thank you very much for that!
15. At least now you know who to turn to, anytime
16. Plus, your presence is much welcome
17. Happier to see you are doing much better
18. Y'know Osla, if you ever need to talk about something, don't worry man, we'll always be here for you. You've been there for us for so long. It's the least we can do.
19. Osla, this is for you. Cheer up.
20. if you feel drained or tired or a burnout, then withdraw from the world a little and recuperate.
22. No, Osla. You made the difference. I could have helped you but it was you who made the effort
You wanted to become better. You helped yourself.
23. If I can keep my eyes focused on what’s ahead, And allow what’s behind me to simply be dead – Then I will make it.
24. If I can keep a firm grip on the present elements in my hand, And wisely position my feet so that I always stand – Then I will make it.
25. If I can accept that rocky ground and steep climbs Are necessary obstacles to be conquered with patience and time - Then I will make it.
26. If I can muster my strength to keep pressing on, Especially in times when it seems I’m being baked by the sun – Then I will make it.
27. If I can learn to crucify my pride, By praying for strength and allowing my friends to stand at my side – Then I will make it.
28. If I can fully embrace the good that’s inside, Relinquishing fear, doubt, and shame, so it can shine – Then I will make it.
29. If I can do all of these things one day at a time, Knowing that I’m not perfect, and that being fine – Then I will make it.
30. r u on the right track n progressing ?

Okaaaaaaaay, enough for today.

And I didn't know :
1. what a duchenne smile was before this.
2. proper past tense for seek is sought.

And last but not least:

Yeah. It's nice to know that there was something to bring me back to my former
 days of greater glory before I allowed depression to take over me and ruin my
life in Form 4. Gosh, all the nicely done lines must've been done by the female
member of the group. I mean, if you look at the knots the males did...


Still, it was a fun project.
Gonna start BIG project soon. Wish me luck fingers crossed.

9-10-2013 I'm Grateful

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